War Games is the twenty fifth episode of Young Plumbers: Generations and the eighty fifth episode overall of Earth-19.

Young Plumbers: Generations
Season 1, Episode 25
Production Code G125
Airdate December 27, 2014
Written By Paper
Directed By Paper
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130px-TV-Y7_icon.svg.png Episode may include:
Mild Fantasy Violence
Brief romance
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[The camera shows Aldabarbaria from a distance. It then cuts to the Betelgusia and then Pollunia. For once, everything is quiet in the Great Triangle. The camera then cuts to the balcony on the castle grounds on Pollunia. A golden warp portal opens up, and Paper and Polarys step out of it as it closes behind them.]

December 27, 2026, 10:19 AM EST

[Polarys]: It feels good to be home...

[She grabs Paper's hand as she walks off the balcony and into the castle proper. They walk through the lower throne room and head to the upper throne room to find King Rygal.]

[Polarys]: You seem depressed today...

[Paper]: I'm trying to not think about it...

[Polarys looks at him, intrigued.]

[Polarys]: What's wrong?

[Paper]: Today is the 15th anniversary of my parents' death.

[Polarys looks at him, worried, as they continue to walk.]

[Polarys]: I guess I wouldn't understand. For a really long time, my parents were the only ones I saw.

[Paper]: You don't have to feel bad for me. I wouldn't have joined the Plumbers, and I probably wouldn't have met you if they hadn't died, but that doesn't meet I don't miss them...

[Polarys, confused]: How'd they die?

[Paper]: Lotin killed them. Today's also the 15th anniversary of Lotin's accident.

[Polarys]: Now that's a story I've heard... Your parents were there?

[Paper]: I'd rather not talk about it anymore...

[Polarys, slightly depressed]: Sorry for bringing it up...

[They continue to walk towards the throne room as they hold hands, but they remain silent for the rest of the way. They eventually arrive at the upper throne room and open the door. Inside, they find Rygal sitting on the throne, talking to a couple soldiers. He stands up as he sees Paper and Polarys standing in the doorway with urgent looks on their faces.]

[Rygal]: We might have to continue this conversation later...

[Rygal walks over to Paper and Polarys, and the three meet in the middle of the room.]

[Rygal]: What do you need, Polarys?

[Polarys]: I know this is a weird question to ask, but how much do you know about Nanochips?

[The camera cuts to Elena and Wozorin at the Vault in Hophopris. Sesirus is also still there, but he is lying at the side of the room, unconscious. The screen at the front of the room shows the Gigatellum, almost finished charging for an attack on the Earth.]

December 27, 2026, 10:22 AM EST

[Elena]: If you're going to try and stop me, I suggest you do it now.

[Wozorin]: I don't need to stop you now; I distracted you for just long enough to give my friends enough time.

[Elena]: Friends? Enough time? When did you even distract me?

[Wozorin]: You stood there for several minutes with me, finding it strange that I wasn't stopping you.

[Elena grimaces at the realization.]

[Wozorin]: Sometimes the best defense... is no defense at all.

[The camera cuts to outer space, just between the Earth and the Haven. A Plumbers' ship flies by, approaching the Haven. It picks up speed as it races for the Gigatellum, which is located just outside Solaris. The camera cuts onto the ship, revealing Ben Tennyson and the other members of his team.]

Outside Solaris
December 27, 2026, 10:23 AM EST

[Ben Tennyson]: I think we're going to make it in time...

[The camera shows the team, which includes Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Rook, and Ester, staring out the windshield at the Gigatellum in front of them. It is much bigger than it appears on the screen at the Vault.]

[Rook]: ...And everyone remembers the plan?

[Ester]: Definitely.

[Ben Tennyson]: Then wish me luck...

[As the ship continues to approach the Gigatellum, Kevin presses a switch on the dashboard that causes the hull of the ship to open up. Ben transforms into Jetray and then walks to the opening of the ship.]

[Ester]: Be careful...

[Ben nods his head before jumping out of the ship, turning around, and zooming towards the Gigatellum. He lands in front of it as he transforms into Way Big. He reaches down, grabs the Gigatellum by its base, and tries to pull it straight out of the ground. He pulls back, but the weapon sends an electric shock back at him, forcing him to let go.]

[Ben Tennyson]: I have a feeling this isn't going to work...

[He looks up at the Earth above him. He sees the Gigatellum charging its blast, seemingly moments from firing it off and destroying a hemisphere.]

[Ben Tennyson]: Okay, new plan...

[He again grabs the Gigatellum, but this time tries to rotate it so that it doesn't hit the Earth. The camera cuts to the Vault, where Elena and Wozorin are watching him slowly shift the giant cannon to the side. Suddenly, there is a loud booming sound.]

[Wozorin]: Was that Ben?

[Elena]: No, it's much closer...

[There is another, similar booming sound from about the same distance. Elena turns around and looks down the hallway. She sees the Phantom walking towards the Vault, with the Phantress just behind him.]

[Elena]: And it's also far worse...

[The Phantom grins as he slowly walks towards the Vault.]

[Theme Song]

[The camera shows the Phantom and the Phantress facing Elena and Wozorin in the Vault.]

[Phantom]: Back away from the podium.

[Elena]: Try me...

[Phantom]: I could crush you in an instant; you're just a servant of the Elite.

[Elena]: And yet I'm the one who managed to stay on their side. Doesn't that make me superior to you?

[Phantom]: Sticking with the losing side is a very bad choice.

[Elena]: I could fire this weapon and destroy the Earth at any moment.

[Phantom]: No!

[Wozorin]: Actually, she said that she was given strict orders to not destroy the Earth, so you can be pretty sure that she won't.

[Phantom, confused]: Who are you?

[Wozorin]: I work for the city government. I'm not on either side here...

[Wozorin puts her hands up and starts to back up.]

[Phantom]: Well, I'm not going to destroy the Earth, either, so you can be sure that unless one of us goes against our word, the Earth is safe...

[Elena]: Oh, you don't want the Earth destroyed...? In that case...

[Phantom]: What are you--

[Elena quickly turns around and presses a button on the podium.]

[Phantom]: NO!

[On the screen, the Gigatellum can be seen extending even farther out of the ground. Ben Tennyson, still as Way Big, backs up from the Gigatellum, which he has turned quite a bit to the side. The camera cuts to the Gigatellum. It continues to charge its beam as it finishes extending out of the ground. Ben Tennyson steps back and covers his eyes.]

[Ben Tennyson, worried]: I hope that's enough...

[The Gigatellum launches its beam across the sky. Ben Tennyson looks up and sees that he has rotated the cannon enough to make it completely miss Earth. The beam flies past the Earth without hitting it, and then disperses as it continues through space. The camera cuts back to Elena, starting with a shocked face. The camera shows the screen, which she has switched to show a view of the Earth from the Gigatellum.]

[Elena, shocked]: He actually did it...

[The Phantom starts to approach Elena as she turns around.]

[Elena]: WAIT!

[The Phantom stops in place and laughs a couple times.]

[Elena]: I'll make a deal with you...

[Phantom]: Elaborate...

[Elena]: You see, as part of the Elite's plan, all of the Plumbers' special team needs to be placed under the control of modified Nanochips...

[Phantom]: And you want me to help you?

[Elena]: Well, I've already gotten most of them, but two of them escaped. I have a very good idea of who those two might be, and based on who one of them is, this is basically on offer you cannot refuse: if you help me control those two, I will give you the Haven.

[Phantom, intrigued]: Who are they?

[Elena]: Paper... and Polarys...

[The Phantom grins.]

[Phantom]: And what if it's not them?

[Elena]: Well then I don't know...

[Phantom]: How about this: if you can prove to me that the two who escaped your control are Paper and Polarys, then I will help you. Otherwise, I will take the Haven by force...

[Elena]: How am I supposed to prove that without leaving the Vault?

[Wozorin]: Switch the cameras... If you know where all the Plumbers are, you can just cycle through all of the cameras and show that all of the Plumbers are being controlled except for Paper and Polarys...

[Elena]: I don't know why you're helping me, but you're absolutely right...

[She types at the controls and shows a camera at the back of the temple on Hophopris, showing all of the unconscious recruits. It then cycles through and shows all the pairs of Plumbers in Hophopris: Will and Ivada, Zon and Aevan, Paul and Roy, Jack and Ben, Nar and Rob, and Chris and Figy. Elena stops before switching to the last camera.]

[Phantom]: And the others?

[Elena looks at Wozorin with a furious glare and then looks back at the screen.]

[Elena, stubborn]: Fine...

[She shows the last camera, which is in the underground temple. It shows the unconscious Plumbers in the temple, but it also shows Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set standing on the ground.]

[Phantom]: They have the vials!

[Elena]: Yes, they do, what are you going to do about it? If you don't help me, I'll destroy the Earth...

[Phantom]: I guess I have no choice, do I?

[Phantress]: We could split up. You could go underground and I could find--

[Phantom]: No, we'll worry about the children later. Right now, we're going to find Paper and Polarys.

[Elena]: And when you return with them under my control, the Haven will be waiting...

[The Phantom grins and then turns around.]

[Phantom]: I don't suppose you have any idea of where they could be...

[Elena]: No, but wouldn't Polarys' father know where to find her...

[Phantom]: Excellent idea...

[He laughs as he tosses an orb in front of him and opens up a warp portal.]

[Phantom]: Don't get any ideas...

[He turns to Wozorin.]

[Phantom]: I'm expecting you to keep the Earth safe...

[Without saying another word, he walks through the warp portal. The Phantress follows him, and then the portal closes a few moments later.]

[Elena]: That was a nice try, forcing me to show them Thebes and the others in the temple, but it didn't work.

[Wozorin]: Of course it did. Once the Phantom comes back, you know he's heading right for the temple...

[Elena]: No, that's where you are wrong. Thebes was put under strict orders to place the last two vials as soon as all Plumbers were my control, which will be long before the Phantom and Phantress can get to the underground temple.

[Wozorin stops talking and continues to stand across from Elena. She looks worried as Elena stands by the podium, eagerly waiting for the Phantom and Phantress to return as the camera cuts to Paper, Polarys, and Rygal talking on Pollunia.]

[Rygal]: Nanochips? What's happened?

[Polarys]: The entire team except for Paper is being controlled by a swarm of them...

[Rygal]: Is someone controlling the Queen?

[Paper]: Elena Validus...

[Rygal]: Well, I have heard of the Nanochips before, and I know quite a bit about them, but I've never heard that name before...

[He pauses to think.]

[Rygal]: It would help if I knew how she was controlling the nanochips...

[Polarys]: She used a serum made from Amber Ogia concentrate.

[Rygal]: How did you know?

[Polarys]: She told us, dad.

[Rygal]: Amber Ogia? From Revonnah? That stuff is truly disgusting, it's almost impossible to remove from a system without just letting it naturally flush. What happened to the Plumbers when the chips got to them?

[Paper]: We didn't see anyone get infected.

[Rygal]: That's unfortunate; I'm really sorry, you two, but I don't think I can help you.

[The three stand there for a moment before Rygal turns around and looks at his throne.]

[Rygal]: I would suggest going back and trying to attack the Queen directly, but the chances of being able to get to the Queen without first being infected are slim to none...

[He turns back around and then his eyes widen.]

[Rygal]: Get out of the way!

[The camera shows Paper and Polarys turning around as the Phantom charges at them. The each jump to the side as the Phantom punches the ground right where they were standing.]

[Rygal]: How'd you get in?

[Phantom]: It doesn't matter...

[He looks behind him and sees the Phantress walk into the room, ready for a fight.]

[Phantom]: It only matters how I'm getting out...


[The Phantom lunges at Rygal, who rolls to the side and then blasts golden energy at the Phantom.]

[Rygal]: The door's right there, monster.

[Phantom]: We've known each other for so long and I'm still a monster to you? And I to think I thought I deserved your respect.

[Rygal]: You'll never earn that privilege...

[Rygal gets up and forms a golden energy sword that he slashes at the Phantom. He brings it back and then jabs it forward, but the Phantom avoid and then punches Rygal in the chest, knocking him back. The Phantom turns just as Paper runs towards him and slides underneath a punch. Paper turns around and jumps back as he fires an exploding arrow at the Phantom, which hits him in the back, causing him to drop to a knee.]

[Paper]: Why are you even here, Phantom?

[Phantom]: I capture you and Polarys, and the Haven is mine.

[He turns around, only to be hit by Paper as he rushes past him. Paper then gets decked by the Phantress, sending him sliding across the floor.]

[Polarys, running in]: What do you even expect to do with the Haven?

[She blasts a beam of golden energy at the Phantom. He blocks it, but it still managed to push him back. After a moment, he breaks away from the blast and runs up to Polarys, but the Phantom arrives at her first and punches her into the side of the room. She slowly gets up and starts throwing orbs of golden energy at both the Phantom and the Phantress.]

[Phantress]: What do we plan to do with it? Exactly what we've always planned on doing with it, of course: taking our revenge on the Veloans for nearly wiping out our race.

[Paper, interjecting]: She means with the current situation...

[He jumps at the Phantom and kicks against his chest, knocking him back a little bit. Paper lands on his feet and then draws an arrow and points it at the Phantom.]

[Phantress]: What current situation? How much do you two know?

[Rygal]: Wait! The temples!? On the Haven? That's what this is about? Did someone collect the vials?

[Phantom]: In fact, someone did...

[Paper]: How did you know?

[Phantom]: You see, Phantress and I arrived at the temple of Hophopris the same time that Dexis arrived. We each went into one of the hallways into the temple as our armies started to fight...

[The camera shows flashbacks as the Phantom narrates.]

[Phantom, VO]: ...but by the time we returned, a group of Plumbers had arrived. Dexis and I eventually agreed to a treaty: he would get the vials and we would get the Haven, but Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set betrayed Dexis, collected all eight vials, and went to the underground temple to place the vials. At that point, we left to take the Haven for ourselves, but we found Elena Validus already at the Vault.

[The camera goes back to the Pollunian throne room. Paper has put his bow away and the five people who were fighting are now just standing in a circle.]

[Paper, interrupting]: And knowing that Polarys and I were the only Plumbers not being controlled by the nanochips, and that you would jump at the chance to fight a Pollunian, she made a deal with you.

[Phantom]: Yes: I bring her you two, and she gives me the Haven. I only tell you this because I know you will want to stop Thebes, Abbaddon, Hathus Set, and Elena Validus, who I presume are working together.

[Polarys]: So we're going to make a trojan gambit?

[Phantom]: Precisely. You see, I know that I can take the Haven without helping you, but I also know that as you two are the only free members of the team remaining, you are the only ones who can make the Haven useful for me.

[Paper]: I understand...

[Rygal, interjecting]: You all know about the deities, correct?

[Polarys]: Deities?

[Phantom]: Is that what the vials contain?

[Rygal]: Sort of. The vials do not contain anything significant themselves, maybe just some water for design purposes, but placing all eight vials in the underground temple releases Solaris and Lunaris.

[Paper]: It releases the cities?

[Rygal]: Again, close, but not quite. All the cities on the Haven are named after deities. Well, you see, as it turns out, two of them, Solaris and Lunaris, live on the Haven.

[Paper, realizing]: Fire and ice, of course! How did I not realize this until now!?

[Rygal]: My guess is that Thebes is planning to force the recruits to absorb the deities, but since they are already under the influence of the nanochips, he will be able to control their deities and use their power for his own benefit.

[Phantom]: That is something I cannot afford, and I know that you cannot afford it either.

[Paper]: No, we cannot. I'll work with you, but with one condition: you leave your hands off of Pollunia and the Earth.

[Phantom]: As long as both of those planets don't interfere with me, you have yourself a deal...

[Paper and the Phantom shake hands, locking in the deal. The Phantom grins as the camera cuts back to the Vault. Elena is standing across from Wozorin, with Sesirus still lying on the ground. Elena turns back to the podium and types a few codes into it. Nothing appears to happen, and Elena simply turns around and begins to walk out of the Vault.]

[Wozorin]: I won't let you leave...

[Elena]: I don't think you would try and stop me...

[Elena walks out of the Vault. She walks down to the end of the hallway and then turns around.]

[Elena]: If the Phantom and the Phantress come here, tell them I'm going to the temple...

[She can be seen going up the elevator as the camera cuts to Wozorin running over to Sesirus, who is conscious again.]

[Wozorin]: That was the second scariest thing that has ever happened to me, I'm so sorry I couldn't--

[Sesirus]: No, it's find, it's my job... Don't worry about me, I'll be fine...

[Wozorin helps him stand up, and once he is up, he walks over to the podium.]

[Sesirus]: I knew this would happen...

[Wozorin]: Did she mess with the settings?

[Sesirus]: She changed the magnetic field settings...

[He types a code in, but nothing happens.]

[Sesirus]: ...and she changed the codes.

[Suddenly, a golden warp portal opens up behind Wozorin and Sesirus. Paper and Polarys walk out of it in handcuffs, with the Phantom and the Phantress right behind them.]

[Wozorin]: That was fast?

[Phantom]: Where is Validus?

[Wozorin]: She left...

[Phantom]: And you don't know where she went?

[Wozorin]: She went to the temple...

[Phantom]: Open up another portal...

[Without talking, Polarys nods as opens up another portal. She walks through it. Before walking through it, Paper looks at Wozorin, but he then gets pushed through the portal by the Phantom, who goes through it himself. The Phantress waits to see if Sesirus or Wozorin is going through.]

[Sesirus]: You go through, I'll stay here...

[Wozorin nods her head and then goes through the portal. The Phantress goes through the portal as it closes behind her. The camera cuts to the temple, where the group has just arrived from the Vault. Elena has not yet arrived.]

[Phantress]: And now we wait...

[The camera shows Paper and Polarys, who are standing at the center of the temple. Wozorin can be seen off to the side, and the Phantom and the Phantress are standing near the entrance to the temple.]

[Paper]: You know, when we were running away from the nanochips earlier, you could have just opened a portal then...

[Polarys]: You didn't ask me to, and I was content with you saving me. I would've opened a portal if completely necessary though...

[Paper looks at Polarys deep in the eyes, but stops and then turns and sees Elena Validus standing at the entrance to the temple.]

[Phantom]: We found them...

[Elena]: Excellent. The Haven is yours...

[She points at Paper and Polarys as a swarm of nanochips rushes at them. A large cloud of chips begins to form around them, eventually cutting them off from Validus. As the chips converge on them, Polarys opens up a portal, and then closes it immediately after she and Paper get through, preventing any chips from following them. The cloud disperses, revealing an empty space.]

[Elena]: WHAT!?

[She turns and sees a red portal closing, with the Phantom and the Phantress having gone through it. She turns to Wozorin.]

[Elena]: What just happened?

[Wozorin chuckles and then rushes at Elena and roundhouses her in the head, knocking her to the ground.]

[Wozorin]: I've been waiting for too long to do that... And to tell you the truth, I suspected that the Phantom and the Phantress weren't actually playing along with your deal, but I had no idea what was actually going to happen.

[Elena tries to get up, but Wozorin kicks her across the ground.]

[Wozorin]: Reh gag dna pu reh eit

[A rope suddenly appears around Elena, trying her up, and a gag appears in her mouth, preventing her from talking. Wozorin takes a moment to catch her breath before turning back to the entrance of the temple and running off. The camera cuts to the Vault. Sesirus has been knocked unconscious again as the Phantom and the Phantress, as both of them stand at the podium.]

[Phantress]: It will take me a while to figure out the codes.

[Phantom]: Don't worry, the camera is focused on exactly what I need to see...

[He stares at Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set, waiting to receive word from Elena about the last two captured Plumbers.]

[Phantress]: There is a problem, however.

[Phantom]: Yes?

[Phantress]: Someone, maybe Validus, messed with the magnetic field settings...

[Phantom]: Which messes up the Earth's magnetic field...

[Phantress]: It's not that different from normal, but if we don't change it, the Plumbers could blame us...

[Phantom]: Okay then, change in plans...

[He grins and laughs off his idea.]

[Phantom]: Find the travel code. If we can't stay safe near the Earth, then we're going to have to leave...


[The camera cuts to Hank Devon, reporting in Midnight City. He is standing on the side of the street as hundreds of cars fill the streets, attempting to evacuate the city. Rain pours down furiously due to the fluctuations in the magnetic field caused by Elena changing the Haven's settings.]

Midnight City
December 27, 2026, 11:22 PM EST

[Devon]: I'm reporting live in Midnight City, where thousands of people are in a mass exodus as we speak, leaving the city to avoid the torrential downpours and rapid winds that seem to have been caused by a sudden change in Earth's magnetic field. At this point, scientists believe that the slight magnetic shift has been caused by the Haven, the massive satellite that has been floating over Earth for the past 12 years.

[He stops for a moment as a faint voice takes to him through an earpiece.]

[Devon]: In contrast to that last point, scientists are now reporting that the Haven is slowly beginning to move away from Earth, though it's hard to see due to all of this rain. Again, this is Hank Devon reporting in Midnight City...

[He trails off as the camera shows different parts of the city, with the massive amounts of rain continuing. In a park, several trees have been knocked over, one of which toppled a set of power lines. The camera shows several other shots of the extreme weather as everything goes silent. The camera cuts to Ben Tennyson and his team standing just outside the Gigatellum on the Haven. Ben has de-transformed, and the entire team is looking at the Earth as it gets farther and farther away from them.]

[Ben Tennyson]: Who is moving the Haven?

[He continues to look at the Earth as the Haven starts to move faster and faster away from the Earth.]

[Rook]: Whoever it is, I don't think that this is a good thing...

[The Haven starts to move even faster through space, passing by Mars and then entering the asteroid belt. Suddenly, the Gigatellum starts to rotate, and several other small cannons begin to extend from the large hole. One by one, the cannon starts to fire, clearing a path for the Haven through the asteroid belt. Ben and his team remain silent as they watch the cannons destroy any asteroid that comes close to hitting the Haven. Moments later, the Haven emerges on the other side, completely unharmed as it makes its way for Jupiter and the outer solar system.]

[Ester]: I want to know where we're headed... It couldn't be anywhere close by, there's nothing for light years...

[As she says this, the Haven zooms by Jupiter. The camera cuts to the Phantom and the Phantress standing in the Vault, watching as the screen shows them a wonderful view of the outer solar system. Saturn slowly approaches on the right side of the screen, but it is far enough away to just barely be seen.]

[Phantom]: How much longer until we can enter warp drive?

[Phantress]: We need to be completely clear before we can do that, so it may be a while. I also still need to find the code for that; I'm sure it's the most complicated code out of all of them.

[The Phantom grunts at the thought of waiting.]

[Phantom]: This is displeasing...

[Phantress]: I'm working as fast as I can...

[Phantom]: I know..

[He grunts again.]

[Phantom, annoyed]: I will wait...

[The camera cuts back to Pollunia. Paper and Polarys arrive back in the throne room, with Rygal standing in front of the throne waiting for them.]

[Rygal]: You're already back?

[Polarys]: Yeah, but we left before we could find out what happened to Elena or the Phantom and the Phantress... I'd guess Validus would get mad when she realized that she'd been tricked, the Phantom and Phantress would attack her and leave to go back to the Vault...

[Paper]: And then Wozorin would... Go back to the Vault, maybe...?

[Polarys]: I don't think we should go back to the Haven again, especially if every moment we wait is one moment closer to the vials being placed in the fifth temple. We don't want to arrive back there and be ambushed by our friends...

[Paper]: I agree; we need a way to not only stop the nanochips, but the deities as well... Rygal, do you have any idea where the deities are originally from?

[Rygal]: I don't know; I'm sorry.

[Paper]: No, it's okay, you don't have to apologize...

[He looks at Polarys and then realizes that both of their handcuffs are still on. He vibrates out of his handcuffs and then starts to take off her handcuffs.]

[Paper]: It's just... For the first time in almost fifteen years, I feel alone again...

[Polarys looks him in the eye. Her handcuffs drop to the ground as she continues to look at him.]

[Polarys]: You're not alone... We'll find a way to get our friends back, we just need a little bit of time...

[Rygal coughs, and Paper and Polarys turn to look at him. Polarys seems be to angered by her father.]

[Polarys]: Yes?

[Rygal]: Oh, um, I'm still here...

[Polarys]: I know, dad...

[Paper and Polarys continue to stand in front of each other. Rygal rolls his eyes as the camera cuts to Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set in the underground temple. They are pacing around, waiting to hear from Elena for the go ahead to place the final vials.]

Connecting Cavern
December 27, 2026, 4:19 PM EST

[Abbaddon]: It's been at least six hours and she hasn't contacted us... Place the vials already...

[Thebes]: Are you sure?

[Hathus]: We're not our parents' servants. We can make our own decisions and form our own plans...

[She stands up from her spot sitting at the side of the temple.]

[Hathus]: Place the vials...

[Thebes]: Okay, I'll place them...

[He jumps from the ground all the way to the chandelier. He takes the last two remaining vials out of his pocket and holds them above the chandelier. He grabs one in each hand and slowly places each in its proper slot. He jumps down, and nothing happens at first, but eventually, the ground starts to shake. The camera cuts to the Mare Glacies. Tayvir and Eshus are swimming in the Lantovorian colony as they feel the ground start to shake. The camera then cuts to the Mare Ignis, and shows other aliens being interrupted by the shaking ground. The camera cuts back to the underground temple. Thebes turns around and sees a light blue tail and a red tail enter the temple from the outside.]

[Thebes]: Deities...

[He grins in delight. He points to the unconscious Plumbers around him.]

[Thebes]: Your army is waiting for you...

[He stares at the deities, who do you not seem to have eyes, and thus cannot stare back at him. The tails raise into the air and then lunge at the unconscious Plumbers. Each Plumber only gets affected by one tail, and once affected, each Plumbers slowly starts to stand up and look at Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus. The camera cuts to the temple on Hophopris, where all the Plumbers are standing, each with either glowing red or light blue eyes. The camera then cuts and shows the pairs of Plumbers throughout the city, which is now dark due to the Haven having moved away from the sun. Finally, the camera cuts back to the underground temple. The tails are gone, having seemingly been completely absorbed into all of the available Plumbers.]

[Thebes]: Excellent...

[Abbaddon]: I almost can't believe that worked...

[Thebes]: It went just as planned: the deities jumped up the opportunity of an available army to use, not realizing that it would get controlled by the powers of the nanochips... That army is now ours to command...

[Hathus]: Now let's have some fun, shall we?

[Thebes]: Yes, let's...

[He laughs at that idea.]

[Thebes]: How does Rotolysia sound?

[The camera focused on his face as he grins, and then the camera quickly cuts to black.]

[The End]


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Magisters: Hornbok - Ivada - Kruto - Relgo - Slick
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The Elite
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Season 1 Episodes
Homecoming, Part 1 - Homecoming, Part 2 - Plumbers on Ice - Double Vision - Brighter - Gauntlet - Crash - Contraband - Trial - Skeleton Key - Contagion - Out With the Old - In With the New - Project Rhodes - Stasis - Appearance - Metamorphosis - The Second Guardian - Demons - Changing of the Guard - Archive - The Pen and the Sword - Now You Sea Me - Festival - War Games - Serenade
Season 2 Episodes
Life, the Universe, and Everything - Descendant - Rift - Scribe - Wound - Forge - Elysium - Author - Time Out - Brothers and Sisters
Wars of the Worlds
The Aftermath - Deception - The Other Crisis - Prelude to Destruction - The Crossroads of Fate
Paper - Sci - AB - Toon - Zon - Nick
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