Wachzricks are a species of parasitic spiders-like beings from an unknown planet.


Wachzricks look the same throughout their whole lives, four-legged spider-like beings, which are less than an inch wide when young, and is around the size of a pumpkin when fully grown. They have a singular plump body, and are usually white when born, but darker to a tanner color as they age. They have four black fangs on their upper lip, and some smaller fangs on the bottom.


Wachzricks are born via eggs, usually laid in a dead host body. When born, they hunt similar to jumping spiders, hunting other insects and other prey until they reach full size. At this point, they stop eating prey live and begin being parasitic. They hunt to find a host, and latch onto the spine from the outside. They then begin to drink the fluids and devour the bones of said spine, which would kill the host in mere days.

If the host is attacked, the Wachzrick will administer a large amount of stem cells directly to the wound, which causes said wound to quickly repair and grow back in seconds.

When they have completely severed connection to a host's legs, they hijack the control, moving the host to a secure area before the die. When the host does die, they lay the eggs inside said host, then move on to hunt another host.


Wachzrick can absorb and copy stem cell data they find in the brain, then send out said stem cells to repair any part of the host body if needed.

Wachzrick can control the host's legs by letting off bioelectric signals after the connection to the brain is severed.


Putting bleach on a Wachzrick will usually cause burns, usually causing it to detach from a host and run away.

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