General Information
Home Planet Cyberion
Body Humanoid
Abilities Electrokinesis
Limited Dimension Creation
Pyro Immunity
Omnipotence (His dimension)
First Appearance Malware Returns
Status Living

Vyroids are a recently discovered species found on the planet Cyberion. They are Cyberchase's species. They are free use, like Cyberchase and Cyberion.


Vyroids are blue, glowing humanoids in a shape somewhat like a lightning bolt. vyroids are made completely out of electricity. Their eyes come in many different colors, mostly red, white, and yellow, but green is Cyberchase's eye color.


Nothing is known about this species due to its species and planet recently being discovered by the Galvan and later Cerebrocrustaceans.


Vyroids can create a copy of themself inside a dimension that mimics the concept of 'Cyberspace' on Earth computers. This also manifests themself into every electronic device on the planet that they is on.

In both this dimension and their 'Cyberspace' dimension, Vyroids have shown to have Electrokinesis, Telekinesis, Technokinesis and levitation.

In this dimension, they are resistant to fire and heat, and can extract data from any devices near them.

In their dimensions, they are omnipotent and can bend the reality around them.


Vyroids are very dangerous because if they are around computers they can wipe out all data.

Vyroids are weak in close proximity to magnets causing agonizing deformation or even the inability to move.

Any aliens that can absorb electricity can absorb a Vyroid.

Notable Members

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