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Vulpibat is a Vulpibat from the planet Vulpin that appears on Earth-68. Vulpibat is the predatory species of Vulpimancers.

General Information
Species Vulpibat (species)
Home World Vulpin
Body Humanoid Bat
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Hearing
Sonic Screech
Enhanced Strength
Wall Scaling
First Appearance Return of the Corrodium
Predator/Prey Wildmutt (Earth-68)


Vulpibat is a large bat like creature, with a broad chest. It's muscular, and its arms have wing flaps, with claws at the tip. Its face has large ears on top, a large mouth filled with fangs, but no eyes. Its lower body resembles human legs, with two large toes and a third in back. It has the red collar with the Nemetrix on it around its neck.

Powers and Abilities

Vulpibat possesses enhanced hearing, and can release a sonic screech. While this screech incapacitates Vulpimancers, and is at a frequency to cause irritation to species with human level hearing, it is primarily used for echolocation, to see the world around it.

Vulpibat has enhanced strength and durability. It is able to use its foot structure to pinch the muscles on a Vulpimancer's neck to grab it. It can also scale along walls.

Vulpibat can fly.


With its large ears, it is vulnerable to sound attacks.

Its muscle mass makes it difficult to fly, and has to get a running start, as well as flap its wings regularly.

Attacks from behind can prove to be a problem, as it would be out of its sonar wave.

Dimension 1 (John Smith 10)

John Smith 10: Omniverse

By Khyber's Pet

Dimension 2 (Ryder 10)

Vulpibat is an alien in the Nemetrix.


By Khyber's Panuncian


By Khyber's Pet

Dimension 763 (Omnimania)

Vulpibat is an alien available to whoever uses the Nemetrix.

By Nails

Cybeast Vulpibat (John 23: Megaman)

Cybeast Vulpibat is the version of Vulpibat to appear in Dimension 23, used by the cyborg beast Treble. It has purple metal armor on its back and top of head going over its eyes, as well as along its legs.



  • The name Vulpibat comes from combining Vulpin and Bat.
  • Vulpibat's appearance is based off Manbat from the Kid's WB series The Batman.
  • Vulpibat is the third Predator created by Dioga beta.