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Ben has just got finished fighting another Techadon. "I'm getting tired of these stupid Techadon's! Thats it! Its time to pay Vulkanus a visit!" Ben transforms into Jetray and flies to Vulkanus' newest taydenite mine. Jetray transforms back into Ben. Ben walks around looking for Vulkanus. Vulkanus is sitting in his office reading "Mining for Dummies" when all of the sudden Ben burst into his office. "Stop sending the Techadon's Vulkanus!" Ben says. "I am gonna keep on sending them and there is nothing you can do about it. Computron please send Ben Tennyson out of my office." Vulkanus says.


"You hired Computron and his minions?" Ben says. "No where business partners." Vulkanus replies. "I'm not leaving until you give me your word that no more Techadon will be sent to kill me!" Ben says. " "Fine then. Attack!" Vulkanus orders his Pickaxe minions to attack Ben. Computron orders his robots to attack.

Ben transforms "Steam Roller!, Cool another new alien!" Steam Roller starts to run over the pick-axe aliens. "I'm on a roll!" Steam Roller says.

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Suddenly Steam Roller is attacked for behind by Computrons soldiers. Steam Roller fires spikes at the robots causing them to explode.

"Now to take care of Vulkanus!" Steam Roller drives up to Vulkanus' office and creates smoke. "Where is that coming from! I can't see!" Vulkanus shouts. He hears the sound of an engine. "Whoa!" Vulkanus is picked up by Steam Roller. "Now your gonna call of the Techadon's!" Steam Roller shouts. "Ok I'll call them off just put me down!" Vulkanus shouts.

Steam Roller transforms into Jetray and flies off. Vulkanus notices the destruction to his mine caused by Steam Roller. "Oh no!!!!" Vulkanus shouts.



  • Vulkanus
  • Vulkanus' Pick-Axe Soldiers
  • Computron
  • Computrons Soldiers

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