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Vulk Izor is the deuteragonist in Genesis: Chronocle. He is a Loboan from Anur Transyl's moon, Luna Lobo, although his current residence is Earth. He is Nick Stone's partner.


Vulk generally has a quiet and calm personality in most situations that aren't combat. He speaks with a low but "righteous" voice but has an opinion on every situation. Around his friends and partners, especially Nick, he shows more humor and care unlike when he is around strangers. Around other plumbers, he shows respect and cooperation.

In combat, his Loboan side really sticks out. He fights furiously and is confident in his own abilities.

He has shown great courage before and in battle and protects those around him with his life.

He seems to know about the Chrono Conflict and about the oncoming threat to the universe, but for unknown reasons, he is not allowed to mention it to Nick.


He resembles a typical Loboan. He has a humanoid wolf-like muscular body covered in dark blue-grey fur and a long tail. He has two yellow eyes with round pupils. He also wears the standard plumber suit.

In his canine form, his body becomes relatively smaller. He resembles a husky and his plumber uniform turns into his metallic collar with the use of nanomachines.

Powers and Abilities

Vulk possesses all the natural abilities of a Loboan. That includes incredible strength, sharp teeth, sharp claws, enhanced agility, enhanced smelling and the ability to split his mouth and project a powerful sonic howl.

His plumber equipment comes with armor, which protects him against energy and physical attacks to a certain level. It also comes with a blaster and several other pieces of combat equipment. Vulk, however, relies on his own Loboan abilities and not on that of his plumber equipment.

He has a high level of strategic and leadership skills.

He has a lot of knowledge about aliens and plumber technology.

He also has the ability to morph into a smaller, husky-like form. His plumber armor turns into a collar using nanomachines. He uses this form to "blend in with the locals" on Earth.


  • Nick Stone - Nick is Vulk's partner. Vulk originally trusted Nick with the Ne-O when he was being chased down by the rogue Chronosapien 4 years ago. He trusts Nick and believes in him. Although he isn't allowed to reveal the true nature of the Ne-O and what he is truly involved into, he and Nick share a strong friendship and partnership.


  • His name comes from the Bulgarian word вълк, which means wolf in English.
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