Vroma Myga is a main character in the series Den -10. He was part of the Contrairo ship's crew. His full name Is Vromamyga Diptera, though he prefers to split the Vroma from Myga. His name comes from the word vró̱ma mýga (βρώμα μύγα), the greek word for "stink fly".

Biography and personality

Vroma Myga is a narciccist, which means he is in love with himself. He is very selfish, and he is paranoid too. He is also a kleptomaniac, and he enjoys laughing at others. He often thinks he should be the leader of the team. He is also very agile and fast. He is thought to be annoying by the rest of the crew.

Vroma Myga was born in 2000 (he is 55) on Lepidopterra. He was a son to a rich family, and everyone in his family told him he was great, which is why he became a narciccist and selfish. When he was 49, he chose a job, but because of a accident he started working in a cargo spaceship. He couldn't change the job, so he was stuck in this job, until in 2055, he and his crew members were sucked into a black hole, that put them in the opposite dimension...

(to be continued as the series progresses)


  • Good flier
  • Very agile in flight
  • Shooting goo from his eyes
  • Stinging with his tail
  • Not a power, but Vroma Myga is shown to be exetremly quick when he steals


  • He is very weak
  • Water

Species and Planet

Species: Lepidopterran

Planet: Lepidopterra


Vroma Myga is a normal Lepidopterran, nothing special

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