Vomit Man
Vomit Man 23.png
General Information
Species Perk Gourmand
Home World Peptos XI
Body Humanoid Frog/Toad
Alternate Counterparts Upchuck (Mainstream)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Solid Matter Ingestion
Explosive Vomit
Strong Prehensile Tongues
Strong Teeth
Swarm Gastronomy
Space Survivability
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength (purely in tongues)
Enhanced Stretching
Slime Spit
Acid Spit
Voice Actor Eric Bauza

Vomit Man is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of a Perk Gourmand from the planet Peptos XI and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Perk Upchuck.


Perk Vomit Man looks identical to his 12 year old dimensional counterpart, however, he has different colorations. His skin is more bluish, the white parts on his outfit are light blue and the black parts have dark blue highlights.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Gourmand, Perk Vomit Man has the same abilities as his species.


Being a Gourmand, Perk Vomit Man has the same weaknesses as his species.


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