Volcano Minions
Lava Minion.png
General Information

Fire Born

Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Burning things
Goal: Burning the world
Abilities: Fire Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Resisting Fire
1st appearance: Red, Blue, and Green Part 2
Arch-enemy: Humans
Henchmen/Leader: None

Volcano Minions are Fire Born from the planet Earth in Jack 10.


Volcano Minions are a group of Fire Born that live in Volcanoes. They want to burn every thing in their way, including the Human race.


Volcano Minions came to Earth 5000 years ago. They mastered their fire powers, and branched off into their own groups. Volcano Minions grew stronger inside the Volcanoes.


They want to burn the whole Earth, including the Humans. They will commuinicate with the other Fire Born and take over Earth for their own purposes.



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