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General Information
Species Pyrosaurian
Home World Khoros
Body Humanoid Dinosaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire Bolts

Pyro Immunity

Limited Flight

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

First Appearance Hero Rising

Volcannon is the Codon Pool's sample of a Pyrosaurian from the planet Khoros.


Volcannon has very rocky armor-like skin that is a reddish brown in color, with large crater-like holes on his back and the backs of his lower legs. He also has very large claws and large jaw filled with sharp teeth.

Powers & Abilities[]

Volcannon can fire bolts of thermal energy from his mouth and from the craters in his hide. He can use the craters in his body for jump-jetting. He can also go into "shelling mode" where he opens up numerous holes in his body and uses his claws to anchor himself to the ground to fire countless projectiles at a target, or all directions.