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"I'm your father and yet you still take pride in threatening me, how shameful."
— Vladimir Czeswin to Pietro Czeswin, in Lightning

Vladimir Czeswin is the father of Pietro Czeswin and a former member Forever Knights in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404. He was the head scientist of the Knights until he left the organization and was replaced by his son.

Physical appearance

Vladimir is a Caucasian male with body type akin to Slavic peoples. He is fairly tall, standing at 1.88 meters (6 feet, 2 inches), with silvery white hair and blue eyes. He is also fairly large, but not particularly muscular. While he was still with the Forever Knights, he wore one of their uniforms, but after leaving, he was seeing wearing black pants and a grey sweater.

Important history

Early life

Not much is known about Vladimir's early life. Three years prior to the start of the series, he was in Ateria when Daniel Fermi confronted September and Juniper Smith about them losing a shard that had some unknown value to Fermi.[1]

Some time later, but before the start of the series, he had a falling out with his son after he murdered his wife. This caused Vladimir to leave the Forever Knights.[2]

Reunion with Pietro

Vladimir reunited with his son when he was tracked down by him in an unknown city near Hennington, just inside the south-east part of Wall Sera. Pietro asked him to help find Fermi, and after being held point black at gunpoint, reluctantly agreed.[2] Their search led them to Hennington, where they met up with Jasper Donovan, but Vladimir was ultimately not able to help his son find Fermi.[3]


Pietro Czeswin

Vladimir's son does not get along with him, and harbors a deep hatred for him due to his killing of his mother. However, Vladimir does not return the animosity, and hopes for his son to forgive him for his past wrongs.



  • According to the creator, the "Czes" part of his last name was taken from the Polish given name "Czeslaw", meaning his last name is pronounced "Chez-win".


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