Vladats are a race of aliens in the Ben 10 universe. They are the long, thought to be extinct inhabitants of Klingvonia, also called Anur Transyl. As of Heroes - A BTFF Cinematic Universe Film , they are now offically extinct. 

Physical appearance

In Humanoid form, Vladats appear to look Caucasian, with no facial hair. However like humans, they have different colored hair and eyes.  In vampire form, they have HUGE bat-like wings with sharp claws, small legs, and a huge bat-like head with fangs, huge ears, and a black nose.  
Titus Vladat form

Titus's Bat-like form

Known Vladats

  • Titus (deceased)
  • Vladat Clones (decased)


Main article: Anur_Transyl_(Earth-251)#History

The Vladats are an important species that have ruled for multiple ages and even afterwards caused multiple events that forever changed the history of Klingvonia, and even the Earth.

One particular Vladat, Titus attempted to destroy the Transyilan race by causing multiple years of chaos and strifle, then manipulating the citizens to create a rebillion so the race could destroy themselves. When that failed, Titus attacked Drake Daniels but crashed on Earth. 

The arrival of a Vladat caused major shockwaves across the world. It caused a former FLA agent, Stryker to go rogue and join CHAOS , resulting in even more troubles to come. During the events of Heroes, Project: Endgame was used to create multiple Vladat Clones, causing mayhem. It was in the Battle of Chicago that the Vladat Clones and Titus were killed, thus making the Vladat race go extinct. 


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