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Eyezor 2.png
General Information
Home Planet Corus Prime
Body Headless Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Laser Vision
Hyper-Sensitive Vision
Partial Body Levitation
Enhanced Durability (Body)
Weaknesses Weak Spot (Eyeball/Head)
Present In Omnitrix
Unitrix Database (AoU)

The Visionaries are Eyezor's species. They come from the planetoid Corus Prime.


Visionaries are headless humanoids whose bodies consist of three segments: The legs, head/core (eyeball), and the arms.

Their hands have two configurations that they can switch between. They can be kept as 'single' finger-less appendages or they can fold out into three-fingered hands with webbing. These webbed fingers are designed to help keep their eye clean.


The Visionary are an incredibly prideful species who are perfectly happy to boast and lie to make themselves seem superior.


Visionaries are not singular organisms, but actually three symbiotic lifeforms connected via a low-level psychic link. As a result, they have incredibly high opinions of themselves as a whole. Each segment is alive and has its own thought process, but the large eyeball is generally considered to be in control.


The core and arms possess a limited ability to levitate, allowing them to move a short distance away from their own leg segment. However if any segment moves too far from the others they risk severing their psychic link, which could prove fatal.

A Visionary's core is capable of firing powerful light-based blasts of energy over long distances. These blasts generate a large amount of heat on contact.

When they are not attacking, their eyes are highly sensitive. They can see infrared light through to ultraviolet on the electromagnetic spectrum, and can see in greater detail over greater distances than humans can. This ability can be dampened in environments with denser atmospheres.

The arm and leg segments are quite durable.


Their large exposed eyeballs are a vulnerability. They are as sensitive slightly more sensitive than human eyes and are large targets for attacks.

Their vanity, overconfidence, and sense of self-superiority can lead them into messy situations.

Their psychic links can be disrupted, but not severed, by powerful psychic attacks. This is usually only a problem if the segments are not all physically touching when the attack occurs.

Known Visionaries

  • Eyezor (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Visionary)


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