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Virus (Ben 10 Alien Alliance)
General Information
Species Sperios 0
Home World Luna Etyb
Body Robotic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Living Computer Virus
First Appearance DBT: Destroy Ben Tennyson

Virus is the DNA sample of a Sperios 0. Ben uses him to escape the DBT since it was the only way to survive the room. As Virus, he travelled through the network of the tower in order to find and trap Bioware and his grunts. This happens in DBT: Destroy Ben Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Alliance.

Physical Appearance[]

Virus is a large orange creature. In the middle of his chest is his face, a digital face. His arms are some kind of tentacles, a bunch of cables. Under these arms he have two others bigger tentacles. His tentacles are lightgreen or purple. On his back have three cables, two green and one purple. His chest is connected to his lower body with other cables. His feet are connected to this lower body by other cables (I know, he is made for 50% out of cables.). He has three tails, similar to the cables on his back, only smaller. He has also grey spots on his body. The ultimatrix symbol is placed under his face.

Power and abilities[]

He can hack into every kind of computer and machine, even systems with AI: Artificial Intelligence. He can plug-in in every machine with his tentacles. He can also feed on electricity with he absorbs out machine or electric attacks. He can eletrocute people with his absorbed energy. He also have an electric scream with he can use to crash a computer system or machines. He's also able to reassemble destroyed drones and create a new robotic beasts


He is vulnerable for water and fire. If he travels through a circuit, he damages the system. If he collects information, the risk is quite high he damages the system.


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  • Credits of the original picture goes to Darksilvania from DeviantART.


  • Jury Trigger has the permission to use this alien in his series or other fan fiction.
  • 6jackb has the permission to use this alien in his series or other fan fiction