Viris BTEU

General Information
Species Orthomyx
Home World Xoviridae
DNA source N/A
Body Humanoid Virus
Alternate Counterparts Viris
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Microorganism Control
First Appearance Hope Nevermore

Viris is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted. He also appears in Ben Ten: Enter the Ultimatrix, and is planned to appear in BTFF RPG X2: Evolution.

His evolved form is Ultimate Viris.

You may be looking for the Viris from the original Tech 10 continuity.


Viris's abilities include:

  • Microorganism Production
  • Microorganism Control
  • Body Dispersement


Viris is a green, semi-humanoid viral organism about 8 feet tall, with oddly bent limbs and four antennae. He has no discernable head; however, his midsection has a large eye on it, and can turn 360 degrees.


Viris is not very durable, and his body can easily be broken apart by most attacks. He is rather slow for his size, and if the supervirus controlling the organism is destroyed, Viris dies.

Planet and Species Information

Viris's species, the Orthomyx, are almost unapproachable, even with the most sophisticated hazard suit technology, so not much is known about them; however, recreations of their bodies from RNA samples have given some insight towards their biology

Orthomyx are a collection of viruses and other microorganisms produced by a single 'supervirus' which controls the body. While the supervirus on it's own has only rudimentry intelligence, once it creates a brain for the organism, it becomes capable of higher functions.

Their planet, Xoviridae, seems to be suspended in a state of constant formation, and is kept in an airtight quarintine field.


Tech 10: Rebooted


Tech 10: Rebooted

Ben Ten: Enter the Ultimatrix

  • Enter the Polytrix (by Charles)



  • Viris is arguably the deadliest transformation on the SpecTrix, as a single well-crafted virus strain from this alien could wipe out an entire species.

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