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General Information
Species Gardevoir
Home World The Off-the-ground
Age 30 (says 20)
Powers and Equipment
Powers Electrokinesis
Equipment Blaster
Pokémon Info
Types Psychic


Moves Thunderbolt
Dazzling Gleam
Hidden Power (Steel)
Ability Trace
Relatives Tony(husband)
Derwin (child)
Skylar (child)
Koumori (niece)
Voice Actor JaidenAnimations
First Appearance Pokémon Dark

Violet is one of the main characters of the Pokémon Sky series.


She has pale, soft skin with three-point ears. Her hair is a light blue and messy. She tied it into a low bun. She wears an immaculate white lab coat. She wears big, bulky, purple gloves.

In the episode Pride Month, her lab coat is pink with purple buttons.


She, hyper-intelligent at the age of 4, built a personal entertainment robot. That robot was Otto Maton. At 15, the shy gloomy Violet was often bullied. However, Tony stepped in to beat them up. Violet fell in love with her hero, and they bonded over human anime. Currently, at 34 they are now happily married, with two children. Violet is now the king’s Head Scientist.


Violet is very upbeat most of the time. She, freakishly enough, loves the feeling of overworking and stress. She likes anime, birds, and buff people. She is highly gerontophobic. She is also bisexual.

Powers and Abilities

She is so intelligent that she built Otto Maton when she was 4.

She can use psychic powers such as psychokinesis, mind reading, and teleportation.

She has electrokinesis and can shoot electricity from her hands.

She has gravity powers on par with a Galilean.

She knows the moves Thunderbolt, which is a basic Eletric attack, Psychic, which is an attack on the psyche, Dazzling Gleam, which is a fairy bright light, and Hidden Power, a move different for everyone use them. Hers is Steel.

Her Ability is Trace, which copies the opponent’s Ability. If the opponent has no Ability, or an Ability too hard to copy (i.e. RKS System), she cannot copy it.



  • Her favorite aliens are Heatblast and Kickin’ Hawk because they’re hot. Her least favorite are Big Chill and The Worst because they’re not.
  • She is a transgender woman.
    • She was born as Akira.
  • Her pose is based on Mii Gunner’s art from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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