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General Information
Species Undead Chimera Sui Generis
Home World Vilgaxia
Body Armored Humanoid Squid/Octopus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super strength
Laser vision
Shield glove
Power of Diagon (formerly)
Talpadean Hand
First Appearance Operation: Benzarro

Vilgaxzarro is an intergalactic alien warlord and conqueror. He is an undead Chimera Sui Generis who serves as Benzarro's archenemy.


Before Vilgax was turned into Vilgaxzarro, he was a Chimera Sui Generis who looked exactly alike Vilgax from Ben Prime's dimension in Omniverse.

After he was infected with the bizarroish traits he began to have grey skin. His armor turned purple also. Sometime later Benzarro fought Vilgaxzarro which destroyed Vilgaxzarro's left hand. Now it is replaced with a Talpadean drill.


Before becoming Vilgaxzarro, Vilgax was ruthless, cruel, and power-hungry. His primary objective seems to be obtaining the Omnitrix, so that he can use it to take over the universe. He was known to hold a grudge; most notably against the Tennysons. He was also known to be very manipulative, notably so of the Galactic Code of Conduct, in order to achieve his goals. After escaping the Null Void, Vilgax seemed to have gone partially insane, as he was enraged more easily and exhibited facial ticks.

Despite his cruel and villainous tendencies, Vilgax did care about his own people (taking his role as Vilgaxia's ruler and champion very seriously), so much so that he is willing to put his own life on the line and use whatever other means necessary to ensure Vilgaxia's and its people's safety; even if it means begging his enemies for help.

After he became Vilgaxzarro, he behaves very primitively, displaying ape-like body movements and dexterity. Instead of coherent speech, he only yells words like, "this fun," "Smash" and "destroy".


Same as Vilgax except the powers of a Talpadean hand also.


Same as Vilgax except because of his Talpadean hand he can't use both his hands. Also he is quite dumber than Vilgax.


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