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"Vilgax Ultimate Death" is the 30th episode of Ben 10: Peace in Dimensions. The whole episode is a story told by Vilgax.


Vilgax tells us about his whole life. It begins when his mom and dad met eatch other and marry. Vilgax was born in 1840. He have been a feared alien in the universe. The reasons is unknown, but Vilgax says he have something to tell he didn't want to tell, so he didn't.

He tells about his ancient enemy Ben Tennyson. Now, he fights the Vreedle brothers as Jury Rigg. Sometime in Tetrax's teenage years, Vilgax destroys his homeworld. He then heard of the Omnitrix by his cousin Myaxx. He tries to steals it many times, but fails. As we know, Ben finds the Omnitrix and Vilgax is severly injured.

Vilgax was born in the Null Void. He soon move to Vilgaxia when the Galvan lets his species gets a planet to live on. Thats was the Galvans biggest mistake. Vilgax soons becomes the leader there. He kills his parents and marry a young Chimera sui generis and gets a daughter named Alexia.

Vilgax tells how he destroyed the five planets he did and created the black hole. He now tells that Ben is fighting Argit as Ch'rell, called the Cryptid by Ben. Vilgax, as Aggregor, tries to find infinite power. He absorbs ten heroes and become stronger than before. He tells also untelled stories about he survives after Way Big tosses him into space.

He was saved by Seven Seven. After he absorbs the ten heroes, he hires Sunder to find the Omnitrix. He then, again, jumps in the story and tells how he escapes from the Null Void. Ben now fights Charmcaster as Echo Echo. He then tells if he was alive now, who he isn't, he would never have trusted the "stupid" Vreedle brothers!


  • Vilgax (Main character in this episode)
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Vilgax' parents
  • Young Chimera sui generis
  • Alexia
  • The Galvans
  • Azmuth
  • Psyphon
  • Sunder
  • Ultimos
  • Seven Seven
  • Tetrax
  • Myaxx
  • Argit
  • The Vreedle brothers

Aliens used[]

  • Jury Rigg
  • Cryptid (First appearence)
  • Way Big (Flashback)
  • Echo Echo