Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis from Vilgaxia. He is a major antagonist in Owen 10.


Vilgax is a muscular, humanoid creature with a face resembling an octopus. He has tentacles dangling from his chin like a beard. His skin is pale green and he has red eyes. He has no visible nose or ears.

He wears red and blue armour, which has a belt with a pocket for his raygun. He has dark blue stockings with metallic squares. He has a Ruby Ray of Rouleau on his right hand and a Shield of Seagle on his left arm. He has a metal headpiece around the back of his head.

Powers and Abilities

Vilgax possesses enhanced strength which is greater than a Vaxasaurian's. He also possesses enhanced agility, durability and jumping. He possesses a powerful sword that is able to destroy or cut through the strongest materials. Vilgax is also able to survive in space, and possesses laser eyes, wind breath and flight. Vilgax also uses the Ruby Ray of Rouleau and Shield of Seagle.


Despite his enhanced durability, there is a limit to how much Vilgax can take. His size makes him unable to move in tight spaces.


Vilgax was born in 1618 on Vilgaxia. He joined Vilgaxia's military in his youth before taking a path of power. He decided to seek out the Omnitrix which he believed would grant him ultimate power. He followed it to earth, where Xylene was taking it to be safe from him, but he destroyed her ship and the Omnitrix went to earth in an escape pod. He discovered Owen Johnson found the Omnitrix and sent drones to retrieve it, but Owen defeated them. Vilgax sent various drones and villains to retrieve it, but after the failure of his second-in-command Psyphon, he decided to face Owen himself. He defeated Owen and took him to his ship, the Chimerian Hammer, where Owen defeated him.



  • Vilgax is Owen's current most powerful enemy.
  • Vilgax is the strongest Chimera Sui Generis.
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