Vilgax (NOHW)

Vital statistics
Home World Vilgaxia
Species Chimeran Sui Genesis
Production details
First Appearance The Times They Are A-Changin'

Vilgax is a villain in Ben 10: Not On His Watch.


Vilgax is a cold-blooded conqueror. He lives to see the universe bending to his will. Vilgax dreams of creating a universal empire with the power of the Omnitrix, and he will do anything to achieve this goal. Vilgax has no remorse nor mercy for any of his victims, and will destroy as many people and planets as he has to to get what he wants. Unlike many villains, he's not one for beating around the bush and tends to get straight to the point.


Vilgax is renowned as the most dangerous being in the galaxy, due to his immense strength and durability. He can shatter mountains with a good punch. Vilgax also has the ability to fire beams from his eyes.


Vilgax had learned of the Omnitrix and decided it was his key to the power he craved so dearly. He now sets his sights on Earth, where it has landed.


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