Vilgax was formerly a once known and feared warlord throughout the galaxy, a Chimera Sui Generis hailing from the planet Mur'ray.


A tall humanoid creature with a head like an octopus, with sickly green skin and yellow splotches. He has bright red eyes.

Prior to the events of "And Then There Were 10", Vilgax wore a light armor suit of black and brown colors. He had a visible mouth with connected green sacs. 

After the battle with Xylene, he was severely damaged and put into a semi-stasis for healing. After being released from the tube, he was revealed to have been cybernetically enhanced, he was significantly bigger, and had new armor plating. His mouth was covered up by some sort of respirator.

Years later, in what would be his final run-in with Ben, he was brutally mutilated by Way Big.

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