Vilgax is the seemingly-eternal enemy of the Tennyson family, as well as the main antagonist of Fracture Point.


In his humanoid form, Vilgax's overall figure is similar to his appearance in the Omniverse flashback set in the 1700s, as over the past hundred years since the original series, he's been constantly defeated time and time again, with various parts of his body having been replaced by cybernetics and prosthetics.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

This version of Vilgax is significantly weaker than the versions from canon, lacking his enhanced strength, as well as his various weaponry and abilities from Alien Force onward.

However, upon taking Julius's body, he gains all of his powers and abilities, as well as becoming the user of the Bio-Core. While not restoring his strength to its prime, Julius's body allows Vilgax to once again be a skilled combatant.


  • The idea of Vilgax releasing himself uoon the Earth as a plague was loosely inspired by the Lizard's plot from The Amazing Spider-Man; which involved unleashing a virus in New York City to turn the populous into lizards.
  • After taking over Julius's body, Vilgax refuses to turn into the Chimera Sui Generis sample in the Bio-Core, as he sees it as inferior to his form in his prime.
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