General Information
Species Chimera Sui Generis
Home World Murray
Affiliations Drones
Occupations Intergalactic Warlord
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Underwater Breathing
Shapeshifting Arms
Equipment Chimerian Hammer
Aliases Vilgy
Old Squid
Octo Head
Vilgax the Conqueror
Voice Actor Steve Blum
First Appearance The Rising Hero

Vilgax is the most feared beign the galaxy and main antagonist of Ben 10: Tales of the Omnitrix.


Vilgax is a muscular alien with a face resembling an octopus. He has pale green skin, red eyes, and yellowish spots on his face and tentacles. He wears a black and red-brownish armored suit and gloves. His armor is spiked at the shoulder and arm pads. His colours match the colour palette of The Legend of Korra.


Vilgax is a powerful and cruel tyrant who seeks to take the Omnitrix and conquer the universe.




Ben 10: Tales of the Omnitrix


Powers and Abilities

Vilgax possesses enhanced strength, being able to easily punch a Tetramand with a single punch (the impact of which created a large crater in the ground).[1]

Vilgax possesses enhanced durability, easily withstanding enemy attacks and safely pass through Earth's atmosphere.[2]

Vilgax can breathe in under water.[3]

Vilgax has shapeshifting arms that can change into a bunch of tentacles (four on each arm). These tentacles are very powerful and retain equal strength to his arms as a whole.


For main transport, Vilgax uses his ship the Chimmerian Hammer.


Vilgax is vulnerable to the cold virus.

Despite his enhanced durability, there is a limit to how much damage Vilgax's body can take before being fatally injured.



  • Unlike his canon equivalent:
    • Vilgax is not scared of Ma Vreedie
    • Vilgax did not witnnesed the Omnitrix's power in 1773.
  • Vilgax states to be 15 feet tall.[AC 1]
  • Vilgax is Eugene Son's favorite villain.[ES 1]
  • Vilgax is responsible for the destruction of five planets and the creation of a black hole.
  • Dwayne McDuffie thought of Vilgax as Ben's most relentless enemy.[DM 1]
  • Vilgax is responsible for the destruction of five planets and the creation of a black hole.[pop-up 1][4]


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