Vilgax Alien Force/Ultimate Alien.png
General Information
Species Chmera Sui Generis
Home World Vilgaxia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wind Breath
Laser Beam Projection
Super Strength
First Appearance The Tennyson Team

A vicious space-faring brigand, Vilgax is an oversized and ever-changing genetic amalgam of predatory species, who leads an army of bounty hunter and robots to wage war on any unfortunate being that gets in his way. His engineered DNA is cybernetically enchanced and is serviced by army of advanced androids. Vilgax's form is always in a constant state of upgrade. Known throughout the universe as "the conqurer of 10 worlds," Vilgax has defeated some of the galaxy's mightiest heroes, to absorb their power to become even more dangerous and get his vengeance against his nemesis Ben 10.


"Vilgax is Ben's arch nemesis that is a Chimera Sui Generis, which are large aliens with incredible strength. He controls an army of robotic minions and bounty hunters as well as severl of Ben's old villains who also seek the Omnitrix and revenge."


Original Series

Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis (Vilgaxian) from the Shadow Realm (Vilgaxia). Ben first encountered this vicious alien warlord when he was ten years old. Vilgax waged a war against Ben in an attempt to gain the Omnitrix for himself. After many battles, Ben finally defeated Vilgax by transforming into Way Big, a superstrong alien who's about a hundred feet tall. He sent Vilgax hutling into the far reaches of space. Vilgax made the most of his defeat, conquering new planets and gaining new strength.

Alien Force

After five years, he returned to Earth to seek his revenge on Ben. Ben needed to us every trick he knew to defeat Vilgax - but with the Omnitrix broken, it wasn't easy. In the end, Ben won, and in keeping with the rules of the Galactic Code, Vilgax promised not to return to Earth again. But if Ben ever leaves Earth, Vilgax will be there, ready to seek vengeance once more.

Ultimate Alien


Ultimate Alien Force

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