This alien was scanned from the real Vilgax in Zac 10 Master Of The Ultimatrix.

General Information
Species Chimera Sui Genres
Home World Vilgaxia
Body Humanoid Squid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Strength, High Jumping, Eye Lasers, Wind Breath,
First Appearance Vilgax's Armada


In MOTU he looked exactly like Vilgax except for green eyes and the omnitrix symbol on his chest.

In Zac 10: Ultimate Omniverse he looks similar to the Omniverse version of Vilgax except Without the crown no armor on legs instead he has pants like Diamondhead, Fourarms etc. green eyes and a belt similar to Fourarms, he also has boots similar to Vilgax in Alien Force with three green straps on them, and last of all he has a shirt similar to Diamondhead except with two paddings on his shirt kind of like Astrodactyl and also cuffs on his arms like Fourarms, also the omnitrix symbol is on his belt.

11 yr old been looks similar to Zac's Vilgax except he has no shoulder pads the green stripe of the shirt is black and also has a white shirt similar to the Original Series Fourarms andno boots and has feet like Fourarms and the Omnitrix symbol is on his left shoulder.


Zac 10 Master Of The Ultimatrix:

  • Vilgax's Armada (First Appearance)
  • Megatron Gets Power

Zac 10: Ultimate Omniverse:

  • Vilgax Cruises To Vulpin (First Reappearance)
  • Malware's Destruction (2x)
  • Time Handles (Used by 11 yr old Ben and Zac)
  • The Younger I Get (Used by 11 yr old Ben 10,000 and Zac)
  • Cross-Species Attack
  • Ghostfreak Escapes
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