Viktor (Earth-90)
BBO Dr. Viktor
General Information
Species Transylian
Home World Anur Transyl
Residence Agency H.Q. Holding Cells
Age Unknown
Affiliations Zs'Skayr
The Mummy
The Wolf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Durability
Levitation (by using electricity)
Sharp Reflexes
Space Survivability
Heat Resistance
Voice Actor Michael Dorn

Dr. Viktor is a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


Viktor greatly resembled Frankenstein's Monster but a little more cyborg-like; a common trait for a Transylian. His robotic parts were dark brown. His right eye was small, purple, and had no pupil, while his left eye was bigger, had a scar, a pupil, and was round. The lower parts of his arms were a little lighter than the rest of his body. Viktor only wore brown pants and black shoes.


We know that he was recruited by Zs'Skayr to help him escape the Infinity, we don't know anything else prior to his first appearance.


His goal was to free Zs'Skayr from the Infinity.


Viktor first appeared in Frankenstein's Experiment when he was under arrest for "conduction of mad experiments with alien technology". He escaped arrest.

In Darkness in the Air, Dr. Viktor aided Zs'Skayr in trying to capture Bryce, but was defeated by Wolfsbane.


Viktor was seen as very gruff and serious-minded, though he wouldn't hesitate to get violent whenever he faced off against Ben or his allies. He proved to be very loyal to Zs'Skayr, despite how abusive he was toward Viktor.

Powers and Abilities

Like most Transylians, Viktor can manipulate electricity. Using that same electromagnetic energy, Viktor can attach himself to metal objects.

Viktor has enhanced strength. He was also shown lifting an army tank over his head with little effort.

Viktor also possesses enhanced durability.

He has excellent reflexes.

Viktor is very intelligent.

Using the conductor coils on his back, Viktor can control machines.

He has shown to be in possession of a machine capable of opening portals.

Viktor can survive in the vacuum of space.




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