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Video Game Mischeif is the fourth episode of Timmy 10


Timmy and Toby get sucked into a video game.


Timmy is playing Sonic XD.

Timmy: it's time to go fast!!!

Sonic grabs Tails and makes a tornado.

Toby enters the room.

Toby: Hey,dude. Are you playing Sonic XD?


The power goes off.


Timmy:Now,my game went off!

Toby:I can help.

Toby turns into Pixel and Timmy lifts him up.

Pixel re-programs the game.

Pixel:I've done it.

Timmy:Okay,then let's play

The game switches on and they get sucked in.

Timmy turns into Sonic and Pixel turns into Tails.


Toby: I think we're in the game.


Toby spots some of Robotnik's robots.

Toby turns into Masslcles.

Masslces: Let's kick some robot butts.

Timmy turns into Surfer but selected Automobile.

Surfer runs to a robot and slices it in half.

Surfer: AW YEAH!.

Masslcles turns into Spyfly

Spyfly: Time to short circuit!

Spyfly enters the rest of the robots and turns into Tails.

Tails: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

To be continued later..