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Victor Frees
Mr Freeze (Ben 10 000)


Ben 10,000


1/2 human

1/2 Artisapien




Ice-based attacks


Former plumber

First Appearance

Ben 10,000 begins

Last Appearance

Ben 10,000 begins

Current state


Voiced by:

Clancy Brown

Victor Frees was plumber kid and close friend to Ben and Gwen (replacing Kevin in the movie). He's father was a partner of Max but dies at the hands of mobster Greon. Victor become ruthless and full of hatred for living beings, other then peaceful creatures like Necrofriggians.



Frees has humanoid appearance. He's a very thin man but also covered with ice. The ice is part of his body, protecting his human half but he's capable to feel with the ice. He wears a suit that help him keeping 'cool'. It's a blue-black suit. His eyes are blood red and he has no pupils. He wear long gloves that are open on his hands. He was very joyful and allways in for a laugh.


Frees has become bigger and like a villain. Because of Global Warming, he needed a better suit. He's much bigger and stronger. He's hands are completely protected and his head is covered by a dome. Ice spikes are growing on his back. His shoes are magnetic and help him to better stand his ground. It a seems that he had a inner tail, covered in the eyes. Now he's more depressed, he does no longer believe in justice. For him it's just another word for cowardice.


Being the son of a plumber, he met Ben and Gwen when they were 12 an he 13. They formed a group of heroes and had lot's of fun. Secretly, he was in love with Gwen but she didn't notice his feelings. When he was 16, he though he was ready to tell her the truth but then they were called by Max. They came to help Max and Topus and he fought with Gwen against Greon. The moment Greon started to feel, he should lose the battle for sure, he shows Frees the corpse of his deceased dad. His world collapsed and he drops down on his knees, no longer seeing a reason to fight. Ben defeated Greon and throws him in the incenerator of the Clock Tower. Frees discovers Greon, being still alive and short after the funeral of his dad, he disappears. 10 years later, he seems to have built a machine that could change the complete climate on Earth, making it only liveable for creature who live in extreme cold climates.

After his defeat by Ben, he went to jail. After a sentence of 25 years, he went to the monks of Mykdl'dy and spent the rest of his life on the planet.

Power and Abilities[]

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