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(Up in space, two very evil villians named Kenny and Equinox are coming up with a plan to avenge their master, Vegelance...

Kenny: Vegelance is dead! How can this be?!

Equinox: You tell me, smart one!

Equinox: Vegelance was made by the two of us to crush Victor and Ren. Not to be crushed by THEM.

Kenny: Well, if Vegelance couldn't do it, I bet we could.

Equinox: What are you saying?

Kenny: I'm saying, maybe we can work as a team. Hunt them down together.

Kenny: I know you can't deny this offer....

(Equinox looks away then looks back)

Equinox: What's in it for me?

Kenny: Revenge.

(They both laugh evilly together)

Back at earth...

(Victor and Ren are at a plumbers' database center)

Victor: Where's the videogame, Ren? The one that doesn't come out until Fall??

Ren: Okay..there is no videogame.

Victor: No video-game???

Ren: Well, yeah. You wouldn't come to a boring data-base like this unless I made up a lie.

Victor: Awww...Then what are we doing here anyways, Ren?

Ren: Plumber Max reported there was a problem in sector V.356 of the incursian empire.

Victor: That's millions of miles away from this galaxy! How could there be a problem there?

Ren: Dunno.

(Sirens go off in database and lights start flashing red)

Victor: That's not good.

Ren: Duh!! There's always something bad happening when sirens go off.

(Victor and Ren run to main computer to see whats going on)

(Both of them look on to main computer)

Ren: No way...that's Equinox! And who's that other guy?

Victor: That's Kenny. The one who killed my parents.

Ren: Oh great. Our two arch-enemies...

Victor: They can't be far if the main computer detected them.

Ren: Yeah. Hey Victor, want to take a step out side?

(Ren dials Eonotrix)


Victor: Gladly.

(Victor dials Evoltrix)


(They open space containment door)

(Plumber runs over)

Plumber: We need to keep that ceiled! That lets out all the zero oxygen!

Victor: Oh don't worry, officer. We're just taking a step outside.

(They go out of base)

(Plumber shuts door behind them)

(Equinox and Kenny see Ren and Victor)

Kenny: Victor.

Equinox: Ren.

Victor: Yeah yeah yeah..we know our names. When can we start shoving our fists in your faces?


(Ren whacks Equinox with stitches from his body)

Equinox: OW!

(Kenny flies over to Ren and smacks him in the face)

Ren: Watch it!

Victor: What he said!

(Victor shoots really hot rays of light in Kenny's eyes)

(Kenny becomes Voodooyoudo)

(Victor's eyes suddenly start burning)

Victor: REN! HELP!

(Ren tries to zap Kenny)

(Ren gets electrocuted)

Ren: Man, that hurt.

Equinox: And this is going to hurt more, Ren Tennyson.

(Equinox blasts Ren)

(Ren dodges)

(Victor and Ren become exhausted)

Victor: This could go on forever...

Ren: Yeah..we would need an upgrade on our watches to defeat them...

(Evoltrix and Eonotrix symbols glow)

Evoltrix: In need of mass protection. Aquirring Megatrix..

Eonotrix: In need of mass protection. Aquirring Megatrix..


(Victor and Ren's arms get stuck together because of Megatrix)

Victor: Okay, let's see what this baby can do. Want to give it a shot, Ren?

Ren: Gladly.

(Ren slaps Megatrix)

Ren and Victor: RUBBERTANGLER!

Victor: Woah! We're a fusion of one of my aliens and yours!

Ren: Cool!

(Equinox runs toward Victor and Ren)

(They blast him into orbit)

Equinox: NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victor: You better run, Kenny. Before you get blasted like your little friend over there.

(Kenny flies away as fast as he can)


Megatrix: Devolving into two cooridinates..

Megatrix: Splitting up into Evoltrix and Eonotrix...

(Victor and Ren get unstuck)

Evoltrix: De-evolution has gone successfully.

Eonotrix: De- evolution has gone successfully.

Victor: Ren, that was sick.

Ren: Tottally.

Victor: If only we could know how to do that...

Victor: what?

Ren: Want to play the videogame that doesn't come 'till Fall?

Victor: SWEET!