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Victor + Ren = The Ultimate 10! Is a crossover series by Cartoon44 and Beastazoid.

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Poster Made by Beastazoid


This series is so big, it needs two universes to contain the size! Introducing Victor from The Evolution and Ren from Ren 10:Equinox. When Victor starts to fight a gigantic mecha robot, Ren gets sucked into a portal going into Victor's world! As Ren and Victor meet each other and become partners, the two become best friends. Meanwhile, a evil villian from space called Vegelance is planning something evil- to wipe out all of humanity. And it's up to Victor and Ren to stop it. As the series rolls on, Victor ends up in Ren's world! Now Victor learns to explore the new land and stop the evil that tries to destroy it- with the help of it's citizens of course, including Ren, Sasha and Artix. It's hero time once again for these guys!


  • Victor
  • Chris
  • Ren
  • Sasha
  • Artix
  • Chris (Ren 10: Equinox)


  • Vegelance
  • Kenny
  • Equinox
  • Blacksmith
  • Dr. Animo
  • Gel
  • Mecha Robots


  1. Pilot
  2. Pilot Part 2
  3. "Kill 2 Birds With One Stone"
  4. "Hacked"
  5. "Hacked" Pt. 2
  6. "Hacked" Pt. 3
  7. "Do the Work"
  8. "Send in the Clones!"
  9. "Let Your Future Be Bright!"
  10. "Fight to Win"


  1. TBA