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The Gigantic Vulpimancer...

Victor+Ren=Ultimate 10! Ep.6 HACKED Pt.3[]

(Victor and Ren are sitting in a cage. Three other prisoners are there. A Tetramand, a Polymorph, and a Methanosian.)

Ren: Great, here we are in a cage,both 'Trixes are evaporated, and Vegalance has the power to destroy BOTH of our diemensions. Face it. We lost.

Tetramand: In case you have not noticed, we five have the power to break out of here. The three of us, we could've escaped whenever we wanted to.

Victor: Why didn't you?

(Polymorph gets up)

Polymorph: That.

(Polymorph points to gigantic Vulpimancer)

Polymorph: There was a Petrosapien here last week. You remember those chandeliers coming in right? There not what you think they are.

(Ren and Victor both shiver)

Methanosian: The point is, if we don't get killed first, we get out.

Victor: But, you guys are right! You and You!(Points to Polymorph and Methanosian) Your goop is flammable and you could light it!

Ren:(points to Tetramand) ,you can break the bars! And back in my diemension, I have a pet Vulpimancer! The Plumbers taught me how to train him! I can distract the thing!

Victor: Together, we can get out of here!

All: Yeah!


(Ren nods to Polymorph)

(Ren takes off jacket)

(Throws outside of cage)

(Robot guard looks at the cage)

Ren:Uh... Can you get my jacket?

(Robot comes over to cage)

Ren: Now!

(Polymorph sprays robot with goop)

(Methanosian throws fireball)


(Ren looks at Tetramand)

Ren: You know what to do.

(Tetramand bends bars)

Ren: Let's do this!

(Every one starts taking down robots and guards)

(Everyone stops at the main doors)

Victor: Okay, guys. We're about to face one of the most dangerous challanges in our lives. Once we go in, we take down Vegalance and get the watches back.

Prisoners: Right.

Ren: Let's go.

(Opens doors)

Vegalance: Well, if it isn't the two powerless weaklings and my escaped prisoners. Is this all?

Ren: Pretty much...

(Vegalance cracks up)

Vegalance: This will be too easy.

(Vegalance pulls out Eonotrix and Evolvotrix)

Ren: Wait. What the...

(Ren pulls out slab of meat out of pocket)

Victor: Weren't you supposed to feed that to the Vulpimancer?

Ren: Must've forgot.

Ren: Hey,Vegalance. Catch!

(Ren throws meat at Vegalance)


Vegalance:EEEEWWWW!!!!! What is this vile thing?

Victor: Revenge.

Tetramand: 3....2......1.......

(Vulpimancer runs in)

Vegalance: NO!!!!!!!

(Vulpimancer grabs Vegalance in his mouth, shakes it's head furiously, and spits out Vegalance at Mach 1 onto the wall)

(Victor and Ren grab their watches)

(Ren activates Eonotrix)

Ren: Concussion!

(Victor activates Evolvotrix)


(Prisoners come up with Ren and Victor)

(Everyone stands over Vegalance)

Victor: This is gonna hurt....


Later on at a spaceship docking center...

Ren: So you guys are free now. You're going back to your home planets, right?

Methanosian: Correct...

Victor: We're going to miss you guys....

Tetramand: Likewise...

(Prisoners get on ship)

(Tetramand stops)

Tetramand: Almost forgot. You two really helped save the day. I hope you'll find these disks useful.

(Gives Victor and Ren the disks)

Victor and Ren together: Thanks!

Tetramand: No problem.

(Tetramand waves goodbye as he gets on the ship)

(Ship blasts off)

Ren: Lets check out these things.

(Victor and Ren both push buttons on their disks)

(Disks turn into hoverboards!)

Victor and Ren together: Awesome!!!!