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Victor+Ren+Ultimate 10! Ep.10: Enter the Will-O-Wisp![]

(Ren and Victor are sitting on top of a abandoned building eating burritos made by Randomizer-a


The Will-O-Wisp.

alien to be posted in Ren 10: Equinox.-)

Victor: I'd never thought I'd say this, but the best burrito I've ever had was made was by an alien!

Ren: No prob, dude. Least I could do.

(Fire blast burns up burritos)

Victor: HEY! We weren't done with those!

(Blue Pyronite jumps out from nowhere and burns Ren's jacket)


Victor: Wait a minute!

(Victor activates Evolvotrix)

Victor: Transparent!

(Transparent teleports fire)

Ren: Where did you teleport the fire?

(Somewhere in universe, Kenny's shirt catches on fire)

(Victor and Ren turn back to Pyronite)

Ren: It's time for an old favorite!

(Ren activates Eonotrix)

Ren: Fasttrack!!!

Victor: Nice.

Pyronite: Hello? Can we get back to the figh...

(Transparent and Fasttrack both teleport and punch Pyronite)

Pyronite: HEY! I WASN'T READY!!!

Ren: Who are you anyway? Night of the living birthday candle?

(Victor snickers)

Pyronite: SHUT UP!!! My name is Will-O-Wisp, and I'm going to fry your butts!

(Gigantic Flame Blast)

(Fasttrack grabs Transparent and runs to the back of Will-O-Wisp)

(Fasttrack throws Transparent and he kicks him off the roof)

(Will-O-Wisp lands in dumpster)


(Fire Vortex engulfs building)

(Transparent jumps off building and lands in nearbye alley)

(Turns back into Victor)

Victor: Ren?

(Victor sees Fasttrack thrown into old arcade)

Victor: Oh, now it's personal.

(Turns back into Ren)

Ren: Wasn't it personal before?

Victor: Well, yeah, but now it's slightly more personal.

Ren: Gotcha.

Will-O-Wisp: That's it. This is so not worth my time.

Victor and Ren together: Time.....


(Victor and Ren both activate 'Trixes)

Victor and Ren:CLOCKWORK!!!

(Both use time rays and zap Will-O-Wisp)

Will-O-Wisp: No!!! I SHALL RETURN!!!!! Someday! Not today! Next month? Mayybbbeeee!!!!

(Will-O-Wisp is reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble)

Ren: Looks like he'll be doing some time...

Ren: Get it? Because were both Clockwork? Hehehe...

(Victor sighs and facepalms)