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Very Simple Art U Can Edit, shortened to Vsauce, is a service of free-use aliens by Evfnye.misx70.


The user Evfnye.misx70 creates very simple art for aliens of all types, from banal to bizarre. The clothing and outfit color is mostly Omniverse-styled, although some are styled after UAF.

Any user is free to create a redesign for his alien to suit his series. If Evfnye.misx70 wasn't asked for permission, the user must give credit. The page doesn't have to be credited if permission was asked.


The main purpose of Vsauce is to allow any user to make free changes to the design of a free-use alien.

Available Aliens

Alien Species Homeworld Used by
Air Whirl Nocturnal Aerotator Aviaquila's Moon
Attactus Spicaryophyll Opuntia
Bind Limb Tensionsapien Tensilia
Boost Rider Arthrowheel Chelys
Crabclaw Cancerpes Litorna
Cryptowave CBE Space
Death Trap Void Spider Aranea Supervoid
EyEgle Aviaquilan Aviaquila
Gray Trunk Haathee Shataran
Hammershake Thoronian Scandia
Heart Freeze Cryocardian Frion
Il Leg Al Nebulopede Khliph
Knightmare Arthuran Arthure II
KrakkIn Encephalopod Baltus
Meteorock Pietor Crateron
Nyctomancer Makutan Arthure II
Red Bull Tauroform Tauron
Seagross Flora Talhunia
Strong Shell Fortean Fortmass
Tear Tree Flora Talhunia
Towerstone Meenaar Shataran
Water Bear Vedmedan Magmest
Zoomer Hydride Hydroculum

Available Predators

Predator Prey
Compressor Tensionsapien
Gornilla Cryocardian
Slazer Fortean
Testux Cancerpes


Vsauce is a YouTube channel focusing on various experiments and analytics. Similarly, Evfnye.misx70 tries various designs to make compatible art.


VSAUCE has its own Discord channel.