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Vertigo is the Hidden Universe's DNA sample of a momentum-manipulating, tree-like species of unknown origin, unique to Alien Universe.


In Shades of Dawn, they are described as an "unspeaking femininely-figured alien with purple armor and pink skin—including the bulging pink surface of her head" when used by Dawn. Their body is wooden and thus very fragile.

Powers and Abilities

They possess the ability to manipulate momentum. Dawn typically leverages this to take the speed of high-speed vehicles and cast it into other objects, thus tossing that object at the target without any effort. This can be used to possibly be strong enough to move immovable objects if enough speed is borrowed.

As demonstrated in Can't Trust the Weather, Man, they possess limited telekinesis, being able to move very light objects at relatively close distances (basically as useful as their hands). This also allows them to levitate in-air.

They do not possess a mouth to speak from yet can still emit shrill shrieks and freakish laughter.

Back in Action: Alien Universe

  • Dawn debuts Vertigo in Shades of Dawn fighting Super Ben's Wildvine. They capture the momentum of a distant vehicle to a brick.
  • In Can't Trust the Weather, Man, Dawn again uses Vertigo to create a distraction enough to summon Ben. She fights Frisbit, forces him into Brawnoceros, then beats him by dropping a car on him. Afterwards, she forces him into Wavelength to unlock that transformation. Later, Vertigo is used twice during the battle against Hurricane Vance.
  • In Dusk, she was used to threaten Azmuth[notes 1]. Later, she was used to manipulate the momentum of Plumber Academy 2814 into herself and Darkstar to escape from Ben.
  • In Escalation, she was used very briefly to cast her falling momentum into some rubble to save crushed people at the UN General Assembly building.

Seventeen in College


Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • Vertigo's move set and constant levitation are inspired by Zenyatta, a character from the 2016 video game Overwatch. Their wooden appearance is inspired by Marvel character Groot.
  • Though never stated in the series, Vertigo's name was supposed to be Hindsight, at which time they just had telekinesis. This changed in the second run of Back in Action: Alien Universe.
  • Vertigo and Streak are Dawn's favorite transformations.


  1. This was later confirmed to be an error, as Vertigo cannot speak
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