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Verglar appears to be a shady kind of person in the streets, wearing a black hoody almost all the time with dark hair and a small beard and faint mustache. He has big brown pupils in his eyes and often has nose hair showing and a short neck. He wears a stolen broken watch that also tells the time: '9:00' on it. His hoody is brown with a zipper and he has black mittens in his pockets as well as wearing dark blue pants and ripped open-toed tennis shoes with torn up socks as well. He is about 5.5 feet tall and fairly skiny and muscular in size as well.

In The Show of Rath and Fasttrack[]

In A Mile of Setbacks, Verglar is first introduced in the show and is the main villain of the episode as well.



  • Verglar is part of the Upside-Down Town gang in the series.
  • Verglar is from Sweden.
  • Verglar has the tendency to be clumbsy and not very smart according to Mig.
  • Verglar is currently datingRojo, who is also a part of the Upside-Down Town gang.

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