Verdona Tennyson, better known as Grandma Verdona or simply Verdona, is the grandmother of Ben and Gwen. She has some relation to Chelsey Tennyson.


In Magikfest, she's seen to have poor memory, not being aware of if there was some sort of anniversary for the Magikfest event when she was five years old and every year proceeding. She and Clif Jobb are shown to have some history. In the same episode, she's shown to call Kevin by his actual name (and not "Curtis" or "Kenny") when talking about him to other people.

She is shown to be rich, and have some sort of an ability to see the future.


Ben 10: Alien Universe

Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • Verdona foreshadows Magikfest in the episode prior, Limited.
    • In Magikfest, Verdona revealed she was high up in the Magikfest event's hierarchy after having worked with the event for 30 years. She keeps the identity of the people who paid to run that year's Magikfest confidential.
  • Judging by the age ordering for each season (see Minor Characters in BiA: AU), it can be assumed she and Max are less than a year apart, as she becomes Max's age for a little while, then Max becomes older within the same year.
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