General Information
Species Otrovussian
Home World Otrovus
Body Humanoid Amoeba
Powers and abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting

Enhanced Agility
Sticky Projectiles
Acid Projectiles

First Appearance Past and Present

Venomoeba is the Ne-O's DNA sample of an Otrovussian from the planet Otrovus. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle.


Venomoeba has the appearance of a humanoid virus or (but not close), Goop. He is purple-pinkish in color and has random and faint blue particles inside his body. He has two small pseudopods sticking out of his shoulders and waist. He has three pseudopod-like spikes on his head (similar to ) and two thin and vertical blue eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Venomoeba can shapeshift at will into various forms, including forming holes into its body to avoid attacks. This also makes him agile.

He is made of an acidic, sticky-like material which allows it to scale walls or stick onto basically any surface.

Venomoeba can project pieces of its body towards enemies, either sticky or acidic. Sticky ones can immobilize the enemy. Acidic are self-explanatory.

Due to him being a living virus, he can infect other organic beings via physical contact. However, it is confirmed he won't use this power too often.

He can regenerate lost body parts.


He needs a stable temperature to maintain his form. If it's too hot or cold, may burn or freeze not long after.


  • Past and Present
    • Venomoeba makes his debut. Nick was going to use him to attack the mysterious source of the sound but he transformed back before he needed to.


  • His name is a combination of the words venom and amoeba.
  • His species and planet names, Otrovussian and Otrovus (respectively), come from the Bulgarian word otrova (отрова), which means poison.


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