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Ben 10: Aliens Unleashed (Rex)
Season 1, Episode 1
18 years old
Air date 15/04/12
Written by Rex
Directed by Rex
Episode Guide
Good Old Nemesis


Albedo returns! But now he has a team in some organisation...


Ben is running out of a building.

"Phew, I made it alive! Good thing Gwen & Kev- No, no, no, no!" Ben said. He turned back.

KA-BOOM!! The building exploded.

"Are they... dead?"

"No, Ben, we're alive. And right next to you." Gwen answered. "That's the last time Ssserpent tries to kill us!"

Later on, Ben was walking in a alley.

"Hello, Tennyson." A white-haired boy said. It was Albedo! But he wasn't alone!

"Albedo! Darkstar? Charmcaster?! Are you a-" Ben questioned.

"Team, yes Ben." Charmcaster & Darkstar replied to him. They got their attacks ready.

"3 on 1, huh? How about this! OsmoBen!!" Ben shouted. He shot beams of mana, from Gwen, at Darkstar. It didn't do a thing!

"Ben, don't you see? We are stronger. We can win!" Darkstar told Ben.

Ben saw that standard mode wouldn't work. So it was time to go... "Ultimate OsmoBen!!"

He punched Albedo through a building. He absorbed Charmcaster's Life Matter. And she... died!!

"You're next, Albedo." Ben warned.

"Just give Charm's her life back." So Ben did as told. Albedo's gang escaped.

"Hey, Ben." Kevin said. "I've been looking for ya."

"Kev, I just realised; Albedo & a few other villains has been targeting me to kill for a month now." Ben questioned. "Could they be in some type of Group?"

"Yup. Back in the old days, I joined them. Then I quit. Now they want to kill us all!" Kevin replied.

"If the world wants the Omnitrix, forget it!" Ben cried. "I, BEN 10, WILL SAVE EARTH ONCE MORE!"