Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date 8/5/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Vendetta is the thirtieth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


At a warehouse, soon after, the sky is getting darker but still dimly bright as the heavy clouds roll over, blocking the descending sun.

Spirit Enterprises Warehouse
May 12, 17:17 EDT

Inside the warehouse, there are several conveyor belts, boxes and equipment. Drake is seen, suited in his Vigilante outfit, facing off against Agent Seventy-Seven while Kate tied to a pole close behind him. Drake's ax-forms are activated from earlier.

Drake: Agent Sixty-Six was your brother?

Agent Seventy-Seven: That's right. He was one of the best agents too.

Drake: If that was true, he would have beaten me.

Agent Seventy-Seven: He was reckless, I'll give you that. Let his guard down for the heck of it. He liked getting scars to remind him of his battles but you gave him something he'll never forget. I read your file. The mysterious Vigilante, fights crime no matter how excessive but doesn't kill. Sighted on several occasions with a girl named Kate Wilson and associated with the Mutation Containment Agency as their secret weapon. Not so secret anymore, now is it?

Drake: What do you want?

Agent Seventy-Seven: I told you. I want pay-back for my little brother just as you want get at me for taking your little lady friend here.

Drake looks at him for a moment, his head shifted a little to the right.

Drake, to Kate: You alright?

Kate: I'm fine, Vigilante.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Fine, for now. Only way to get her is to go through me and that's not going to happen.

Drake: I beat your brother, you shouldn't be any different.

Agent Seventy-Seven: We'll see about that, Vigilante.

The Agent whips out his energy blaster and fires at Drake who evades the shots. He hides behind a shelf stacked with boxes which get shot up by the energy blasts. Drake deactivates his ax-forms and stays there as the fire continues. Seventy-Seven is then seen as his blaster powers down. He then looks down at it as Drake jumps out from behind the shelf, his blade-form now activated. He goes right for the Agent, slashing at him, which he attempts to evade. The Agent is then knocked down to the ground by Drake's attack. He looks up, seeing Drake preparing to bring his blade-form down upon him. His glance quickly shifts towards Drake's legs as he swift kicks, dropping Drake to the ground. Drake groans momentarily. He looks up, seeing the Agent getting to his feet. He turns and points the blaster right at Drake, now fully charged. He pulls the trigger and energy pellets fire from the blaster to Drake who quickly blocks them using his blade-form. The Agent continues firing until Drake turns the blade slightly, reflecting the pellets back at the blaster, itself, blasting it out of his hands. As Seventy-Seven turns from his hand, he is struck in the face by Drake once, then several times afterwards. Going for another strike, Drake throws a punch but Seventy-Seven blocks the strike and kicks Drake back. They both stop and look at each other, the Agent poorly hiding his signs of weakness.

Drake: You're losing...

Agent Seventy-Seven: Maybe... But I'll be flummoxed if you think this little dance is over.

Drake: You really think you can take me on? I'm the Vigilante, Seventy-Seven!

Agent Seventy-Seven: Oh, it won't be just me.

Agent Seventy-Seven performs a whistle. Drake then looks around, hearing approaching foot steps. Drake steps forwards and a blast of ice hitting at the ground around him. He yells out slightly and looks down, seeing ice encasing his feet. Both Erode and Gelid step out of the shadows, mist coming off of Gelid's hand.

Erode: I wouldn't move if I were you were, Vigilante.

Drake: Vetters?

Female Voice: Don't forget about the rest of us.

Drake turns his head, seeing Ann step out of the shadows as well along with the The Executioner.

Drake: You're all-

Agent Seventy-Seven: That's right, Drake. We're all working together. Let me introduce you to the Anti-Vigilante Taskforce.

Drake looks around as the villains surround him. A look of shock on his face, partially shown beneath his goggles.

Title Sequence

The scene shows an overhead view of Drake as well as the villains surrounding him in the warehouse.

Drake: How can this even happen?

Ann: Come on, Vigilante, anything is scientifically possible.

Erode: Besides, the more people you mess around with, the sooner they'll put aside their differences to come after you. Trust me, we should know... (points thumb between him and Gelid)

Agent Seventy-Seven: You didn't really think I would follow the same mistakes my brother made, now did you?

Drake raises his blade-form in the air, it glows bright with energy as he smashes it down upon the ice, shattering it and freeing his feet. He then readies himself as he faces off against all five of them.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Are you really going to take on all of us? On your own?

Drake: If I have to. I've faced you all before. I can take the five of you down again.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You might want to count again.

Drake looks confused until a screech is heard coming from behind. He turns around but, before he can react, he is grabbed and thrown across the warehouse, crashing into some of the equipment. He looks up from the ground, his vision blurred and blade-form deactivated. As it gets clearer, he sees Gorshin in his Mutant Bat form flying and perching upon a stack of crates. There's a logo on one of the crates of a blue wing with a slogan underneath the words "Spirit Enterprises" reading, "You need it? We Ship-It!"

Drake, to himself: Gorshin?

Gorshin screeches out again, stretching his wings out. Drake turns his head and sees the Executioner coming towards him, armed with a rocket launcher. He stops and drops to his knee, pulling the trigger. Drake then gets up and moves out of the way as a rocket launches right at him, impacting against the side of the forklift he crashed into. As the rocket explodes, Drake jumps through the air, rolling against the ground and coming back up on his feet. He gets up and runs down the side of the warehouse. As he runs, a figure wearing a white and dirty hoodie steps out in front of Drake. Drake stops running and looks at the figure, readying himself.

Drake: Who are you?

Hooded Figure: I am the Vigilante!

Drake takes a step forward. The hooded figure lifts his head up as well as his arms, which morph into shards. Drake instantly backs up as the figure aims his shard-like arms at him. Drake then runs off as the shards are fired from the figure's arms at him. Drake turns right, running. Drake's senses then start to spin around, causing him to stop running and hold his head. He yells out as he fights against it. A large shelf behind Drake then starts to wobble. Drake then looks up as a shadow overcomes him. He sees the shelf coming down on him. He tries to move but it hits him in the back, pinning him down to the ground. Ann and Erode then approach Drake who looks up. Ann's transmodulator is active and a small wind is seen circulating around Erode's hands.

Ann: I know my control over Mutants doesn't extend to you but, at least, it does mess with your head a bit.

Erode: Good luck getting up from there, Vigilante.

Drake pushes against the shelf which only results in him straining. He then pushes harder, the shelf creating to creak.

Ann: He's getting up. Do something!

Erode: Alright, alright. No need to be so bossy.

Erode extends his arms out and creates a wind funnel, pushing down against the shelf. Drake yells out as he pushes against both the self and the wind. Erode pushes further with his wind powers. As the shelf gets just high enough, Drake drops down, activating his ax-forms. As the shelf comes down on him, the edges of the axes melt through the metal. Drake then raises his arms, slicing through the shelf, giving him the space to get up. Drake strikes at them but is blasted in the back by an ice beam, throwing him to the ground in front of an opening leading to the loading bay outside. He gets up, his back frosted and turns to see the villains approaching him. Drake takes a step back as they continue their approach. He then turns to run as a few of them deliver an attack directed right at him; the hooded figure firing more shards, the Executioner firing another rocket, Erode throwing balls of winds and Gelid blasting ice. The attacks impact with one another, forming some kind of explosion which sends Drake flying through the air. As the smoke clears, the Executioner, Erode and Gelid check the impact area, with Drake no where to be seen.

Gelid: He's... gone.

Erode, turning to the Executioner: Nice going, Executioner. You blasted him too hard.

The Executioner: More like not hard enough. Look. (points)

Erode and Gelid turn to where the Executioner is pointing and see pieces of ice and small puddles leading away from the warehouse.

The Executioner: He left a trail behind, which means he's alive, ain't he?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Clever deduction, Executioner.

The Executioner: Taking out the beasties means you gotta know how to track 'em.

Ann: He still got away.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Yes, but we still have his friend. He'll come around for her, one way or another. And we'll be ready for him.

The scene then cuts to the sky with the Helicarrier hovering above. The sky is still dark but the clouds are light.

MCA Helicarrier
May 12, 19:40 EDT

On board, MCA Officers are seen walking back and forth through the corridors as the view pans to the right, a wall blocking the view momentarily until it pans into another room, the holding room specifically where Jake can be seen, still in the still. His hands are no longer bound and is walking freely around in the cell. Agent Owens is seen watching the cell from the distance, his arms crossed. Jake looks around in the cell and, as he looks, his gaze comes across Owens', whose is fixated on Jake. Jake, himself, stops and looks right at Owens.

Jake: So... you just gonna keep staring at me or say something?

Owens remains silent.

Jake: Just stare, I guess...

He continues looking around the cell.

Owens: I'm checking to see if you're a threat.

Jake: Do I look like a threat?

Owens: You injured two Officers and a medic then proceeded to hold your own against our secret weapon and myself. So no, you don't look like a threat but appearances aren't the elements that make a threat what it is, it's what a person is capable of and their true intentions that lie underneath.

Jake: Look, I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I was just trying to get out of here. I'm cooperative now. You don't even have to keep me in here.

Owens: Even if what you told us was true, you still have no control over that device of yours or any other abilities you might have.

Jake: Shouldn't your science guys figure that out? You already took your "samples", what else do you want from me?

Owens: We're... working on it. Right now, we just need you contained to prevent another incident from occurring.

Jake: (sighs) I just don't know how this all happened. At one point, I was just a normal kid, now I'm living in a world where- Mutants roam the Earth and there's a weird machine on my arm that fires laser beams. Just promise me, you guys will figure this whole thing out.

Owens looks at Jake, without saying anything, before pushing off from the wall and walking out of the room. Jake watches him leave then sighs as he turns around, continuing to walk around in his cell. The scene cuts to the corridors where Owens is seen walking down them. He then sees John, helping Drake, walk through the corridors, his Vigilante suit has some scratches and burn marks on it. Owens then stops as he watches them pass. He then lets out a soft grunt as the scene cuts to later on in Medical Bay, where Drake is seen laying on a bed, being treated by John. Owens enters and looks at them. John looks up from Drake, seeing Owens then returns to treating Drake.

Owens: What happened here?

John: Drake was ambushed.

Drake: I'm fine.

John: You're not fine. You got some serious bruises that need to be treated.

Drake: I'll heal. I just- I needed some time, there were-

John: What? Too many of them?

Drake lets out a sigh and looks away from John.

Owens: It's obvious that this escalated out of your control. I'll talk with the Director and see if we can get some Officers down there to retrieve the girl.

Drake: No, they'll hurt her if they see anyone from the MCA show up.

Owens: Then we should, at least, know who we're dealing with.

Drake then slowly turns to John who looks at him. They both then look over at Owens. The scene cuts once again to the main control room of the Helicarrier where Agent DeLisle is seen pulling up files on a computer while Drake, John, Agent Owens and the Director stand behind him.

Agent DeLisle: You said there were how many?

Drake: Seven...

Director: Seven enhanced individuals working together. I can't believe this.

Drake: Believe it. They have Kate so they're close to finding out who the Vigilante really is.

Director: To be fair, this whole "Vigilante" shtick was an idea between the three of you.

John: I mean... I just thought it was cool.

The Director glares at John who looks away. She turns back to Drake.

Drake: Look, it doesn't mean anything. Who cares who I am underneath the hood?

Director: These people apparently. Drake, this alter-ego that you've created may not mean much too you but people are willing to do nearly anything to find out and use that information to not just hurt you but everyone close to you.

Drake: They're doing that already.

Director: Because you're letting them. This something you need to stand your ground in, otherwise you and the MCA are compromised. Now who are we dealing with?

Drake sighs and turns to the computer.

Drake: The leader of this taskforce, he said he was Agent Seventy-Seven. He's a bounty hunter who works for some powerful people, based on what he said to me.

Agent DeLisle: I got a record for an Agent Seventy-Seven. All public information is scratched but I managed to crack a decrypted government file. Ma'am?

The Director looks at the screen for a moment.

Director: (soft sigh) Proceed.

Agent DeLisle continues to open the file, showing images and information about Agent Seventy-Seven.

Agent DeLisle: Little is known about him. Hepta Sotar; He was recruited by a government agent along with other members of his family, including his brother, Hexa Sotar.

Drake: Agent Sixty-Six.

Agent DeLisle: However, after some time, he resorted to freelance work and often acted on his own. He was last seen at a bar in Santa Fe.

Agent DeLisle pulls up footage of a man wearing a purple shirt underneath a brown leather jacket. He has long, brown hair and brown eyes. The scene zooms into the footage until it fades into the actual scene, outside of the bar.

Santa Fe
January 9, 15:43 EDT

He walks from the bar's entrance, his hands in his pockets. A muscular man then steps out of the bar, clearly upset by something. He storms over to the man from earlier.

Muscular Man: Hey! Hey, get back here! I'm not done with you yet.

Hepta: But I'm done with you.

Muscular Man: Oh yeah?!

He runs over to him, an attack ready. Hepta steps aside as the man swings his arm. He then elbows him in the side, strikes him in the head with his other arm and sweep kicks him, knocking the muscular man down to the ground. The man lies there, groaning. Hepta then grunts and continues walking by until a nearby pay phone is heard ringing. He then turns to the phone, looking at it for a moment. He walks over to the phone and picks it up.

Man, over the phone: Good morning, Mr. Sotar. Glad to see you're still maintaining yourself.

Hepta: You have a mission for me or what? Otherwise, I don't want to hear it.

Government Agent, over the phone: I have actually been informed that there has been a break-in at one of our facilities in Washington.

Hepta: So what? You want to investigate it? I'm a Bounty Hunter, not an investigator.

Government Agent, over the phone: Which is why I believe you'll be interested in this next part. It appears that the main suspect for the break-in was a small group of rogue MCA Officers being assisted by the Vigilante.

Hepta is silent for a moment, his eyes widening as his grip on the phone tightens ever so slightly.

Government Agent, over the phone: I assume you're interested. Good, because I have a request from General Irons, himself, to have you be brought in for evaluation so that you can assist us in capturing and dealing with this Vigilante-threat.

Hepta: I'll take the job but I'll only do it on my terms.

Government Agent, over the phone: That's not how this works, Mr. Sota-

Hepta: Now you listen to me. I've been doing these missions for years now. I might not be as loyal as my brother but I'm sure as heck as good and you know it. You want this Vigilante dealt with, I got it. But I promise you, he won't be ready for your reprogramming and whatever it is you do up there in Area 51. You understand that, you spineless stiff?

There's a silence over the phone for a moment.

Government Agent, over the phone: ...Very well. But you are to form a taskforce of specialized individuals to help you to obtain the Vigilante. Such a task is not done easily.

Hepta: Fine, I'll figure it out without any of those cardboard goons you got in storage. Where can I find him?

Government Agent, over the phone: His latest sightings have indicated that he's traveling across the country, back to the city. It would be wise to attack before he hits the city. The less collateral damage, the better.

Hepta: Sure, got it. Now, I need details.

Government Agent, over the phone: There's a girl that he is often seen with, named Kate Wilson. You locate her and he should be close by, if not, with her. Remember, he wears a reinforced suit but a suit, none-the-less. There's a person underneath there so he may be out of suit. We have a description of what he really looks like, straight from your brother. Black hair, tall, possibly a teenager.

Hepta: A teenager? (grunts) Alright, thanks. I'll take it from here.

Government Agent, over the phone: Remember; taskforce, Kate Wilson, boy. Seeing how difficult this task may be, especially for someone... out of experience such as yourself, there's no deadline. Just make sure it's before he reaches the city, try to do without blowing up another city district and make sure it's done as soon as possible. We don't want another incident involving the Vigilante.

Hepta: I'll get it done.

Hepta slams the phone against its housing. He then turns his head and lets out a big sigh.

Hepta: Taskforce... Where the heck am I going to get specialized individuals?

Hepta walks along the pavement, passing by the fallen man. He stands in front of the bar's entrance, looking in front of him, then turns to enter the establishment. The inside is dark as the blinds to the place are closed, letting only a creak of light in. There are only a couple of other people inside, minding their own business, making the entire place seem empty. Hepta sits at the stool and drinks a glass of water in front of him before letting out another sigh. A faint voice is heard through a television hanging from the ceiling. Hepta turns his head and sees a reporter on the TV. He's wearing a blue suit with a green tie. His hair is brown, styled in a curve-like manner, and his eyes are green.

Reporter, on TV: And while the MCA have little to report on the matter about the recent Mutant attacks here, we do have information that they do have an individual in holding that has a machine that can apparently control the minds of Mutant creatures. We tried talking to the MCA Officers directly but they have nothing to say, claiming that information is classified. It's unknown if these two things have anything in common with one another but we will let you know when you receive more information on the situation. This is Keith Lafaso, Starling News in Iowa.

A small smirk then comes across Hepta's face. The scene then cuts to an MCA Outpost. The sky is dark, it's night.

Iowa City MCA Outpost
May 1, 22:56 EDT

Inside, an MCA Officer is seen walking down a corridor, passing by several holding cells. One of which contains a metallic humanoid Mutant which slams against the glass as the officer passes by. The next cell over has a glass-like Mutant with appears like floating shards, hovering in place. The cell after that contains Annabelle Nemo.

Ann: I deserve a phone call.

MCA Officer: Quiet.

Ann: What am I even doing in here? I'm not even a Mutant?

MCA Officer: For the last time, Ms. Nemo, was it? You're too dangerous to keep out of MCA containment. You're being held here until you serve your time which might not happen considering how crazy you are.

Ann: Hey. Hey! I'm not crazy!

Erode, unseen: You tell 'em, lady.

The scene cuts over to Erode in his holding cell, trying to form wind from his hands which does not appear to be forming successfully. He grunts then looks at the glass barrier between him and the officer, passing by.

Erode: Gelid and I might be the new residents but at least we know this place is for the powerful and not the coo-coos.

Gelid, voice muffled by the wall, unseen: Would you quit calling me that already? You're the reason why we're in here, Vetters!

Erode: Yeah, well, that doesn't matter. I promised you power and we got it. People know about us now and pretty soon, we're busting out of this dump and taking the world by storm. (chuckles to himself)

As the Officer continues walking to the end of the corridor, an explosion occurs, throwing him back. He looks up in surprise and sees a canister being thrown through the opening, expelling a gas that makes the officer fall unconscious. Agent Seventy-Seven, now in his suit, then walks through the opening, moonlight beaming through the hole as the smoke starts to clear. He walks through the smoke, unaffected, looking at each of the cells. He stops in front of Ann's cell.

Ann: Who are you supposed to be?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Your ticket out of here.

He reaches into his side and removes a small device. He presses the large button on it and an electric discharge shoots out from the device, frying the controls to the cell lock. He then opens the door as Ann steps out cautiously.

Ann: Not that I'm complaining but why exactly are you helping me?

Agent Seventy-Seven: I'm forming a taskforce and your expertise on Mutant biology might be useful to me as well as your experience with the so-called, Vigilante.

Ann: Someone who recognizes my genius as well as a chance to get back at the Vigilante for trapping me here and foiling my plans? You don't even have to ask twice. But how do I know if I can trust you?

Agent Seventy-Seven: I got you out of your cell, didn't I? You want to try and get him on your own, fine. I heard there's another Nemo I can try, anyways.

Ann: Alright, alright. I'll join your stupid little taskforce, just don't bring him in.

Ann hurries down the corridor, grabbing her helmet from a shelf. He walks back to Agent Seventy-Seven and they both walk down the corridor, passing by Erode and Gelid's cells.

Erode: Wait! You need us.

Agent Seventy-Seven: I don't. You're Mutants.

Erode: Yes, but not like those other guys. We have control of our powers. Besides, we went toe-to-toe with both the Vigilante and the Speedster. You want to take down a Mutant, you need a few Mutants of your own.

The Agent stands there for a moment. An alarm is then heard from a distance.

Erode: I'd hurry if I were you.

Seventy-Seven then grunts and whips out his disarming device again, unlocking the cells for both Gelid and Erode. They step out of their cells.

Gelid: I can't believe that actually worked.

Erode: Shut up, Kane!

The four of them then leave through the opening where the Executioner stands ready, aiming a rocket launcher at them. There's a rusty truck behind him, with spray painted flames on the side.

Gelid, putting his hands up: Don't shoot!

Agent Seventy-Seven: Relax, they're with me.

The Executioner, lowering his weapon: You said we were picking up a girl.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Change of plans. (getting in the truck) Do you have the location for the Mutant we're looking for?

The Executioner, looking at Seventy-Seven: Are you doubting my tracking skills?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Just making sure you live up to your name. I didn't hire you to waste my time.

The Executioner, getting in the van: Believe me. I want this Vigilante put down just as much as you do. His punk friend blasted me through a wall. Nobody gets away with something like that without paying a price. As for the Mutant, it should be somewhere down south after it escaped MCA custody.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Then that's where we're going. Now hurry up before that Speedster gets here.

The others get in the truck as well.

Agent Seventy-Seven, to Ann: We'll need you to deal with this Mutant.

Ann: And what Mutant am I dealing with exactly?

The Executioner: The batty kind. (laughs)

The truck drives away from the outpost and speeds off down the road. The scene then fades to a forest-like environment where a screech can be heard in the distance. The Executioner's truck can be seen driving carefully along a dirt path. The sky is light but grey.

Mississippi State Park
May 11, 12:07 EDT

Ann: You want to hurry it along?

Executioner, driving: I don't wanna rush it, otherwise the beastie might fly off again and we'll have to go another 800 miles to catch it.

Erode: And the sooner I'm out of this truck, the better. I need feel free like the wind.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You'll get your freedom as soon as the Vigilante is taken down. The capture of this creature is important when it comes to evening the odds.

Another screech, sounding closer.

Executioner: He's close. (stops the truck) Stay sharp and follow my lead.

The Executioner takes his ax, the Divider, and a modified shot gun as he exits the truck along with everyone else. They stalk through the forest, following the echo-like screeches which sound closer and closer with every step they take. They then enter a small clearing, where Gorshin, in his Mutant form, is seen flying around a humanoid-shaped figure who yells out as Gorshin tries attacking it.

Executioner: There's the beastie, alright.

Gelid: And he's attacking some guy.

Erode: So what?

Ann: At least he's distracted. Just give a minute to right the setting.

Erode, checking out her helmet: What is that anyways? Some type of weather detection equipment?

Ann: It's a transmodulator. It allows me to control beings with mutated DNA via certain frequencies.

Erode: Always did have a taste for smart chicks.

Executioner: Uh oh, he's coming back around!

Gorshin screeches out and swoops down by the taskforce, trying to grab Agent Seventy-Seven who stabs his discharge device into Gorshin's leg, giving him a tase. Gorshin then screeches out and lets go of Agent Seventy-Seven who drops back down to the ground. The Executioner loads up his modified shot gun and shoots it at Gorshin, a net launches out from the barrel, wrapping around Gorshin's wings, dropping him to the ground. Gorshin starts to tear through the netting. The Executioner drops his shot gun on the ground and readies his ax while Agent Seventy-Seven readies his blaster, aiming it at Gorshin. Gorshin then frees himself from the netting, screeches at and charges right for them. However, before he reaches them, he stops and stares out. Both Agent Seventy-Seven and the Executioner stop and look at each other before turning behind them and seeing Ann, using her activated helmet.

Agent Seventy-Seven, placing his blaster back in its holster: Nice timing.

Ann: He's a special kind of Mutant. Took a while to find the right frequency.

Erode: I'll tell you one thing. You definitely don't need a while to get my frequency.

Ann: If you're anything like the Vigilante's mutation, then I won't be able to control you.

Agent Seventy-Seven: The main thing is we have what we came here for.

Gelid: What about that other guy?

Agent Seventy-Seven: (Grunts) You're right, I should at least check and see if he's still alive and that he'll stay quiet about all of this.

Agent Seventy-Seven walks over a large rock in which the naked figure can be seen partially behind.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Alright, come out. I know you're there.

As Seventy-Seven approaches the figure, a light appears behind him, catching his attention. Two figures are then seen approaching from the forest. As they step into the light, from the shadows, it is revealed that they are two Xyrion soldiers.

Xyrion: We have located the experiment.

The Other Xyrion: Eradicate the other ones. No one must know of our plans.

Gelid: What are those things?

Erode: Who cares? Just blast 'em! Gelid extends his arms out and fires a beam of ice at the Xyrions who are seen charging at them with force. A blanket of frost comes over one of them, freezing it still, while the other takes cover behind a tree. Erode then steps forwards, extending his arms outwards as wind blows around him. As the wind comes more thorough and powerful, Erode prepares to throw it. When he does, the wind crashes against the trees, knocking them down. They nearly crash down upon the remaining Xyrion who just manages to evade them. The Xyrion looks around, seeing the villains approaching.

Xyrion, activating his holographic projection: Leader, we are outmatched.

Xyrion Leader, via the projection: We will recover the experiment later on, return to the base.

Xyrion: Yes, sir.

An ice blast then hits the tree next to the Xyrion, catching its attention. The Xyrion then turns and runs into the forest, escaping from view. Erode and the Executioner chase after it but stop when a light shines through the forest.

The Executioner: Anyone wanna explain that or are we just going to ignore it or somethin'?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Forget them. Let's get out of here before they return. We got what we came for.

Ann: And what about him?

Seventy-Seven turns and sees the figure peeking from behind the rock at them. His face is similar, if not identical to Drake's face but the right side of his face is disfigured, with his skin exposing his flesh underneath as if from a burn. His hair is black, almost spiky but pointed downwards and his eyes are a mix of two colors, with brown fading to blue. His eyelids are also dark and he looks skinny as well as drained.

Figure, quietly, to himself: Vigilante. I am... Vigilante. I am the Vigilante... I am the Vigilante!

As Seventy-Seven continues looking at him, he notices small shards propping out of the person's left shoulder and metallic-like veins hidden under his skin, running down his arms. He also has scratches on his arms, most likely from the attack from Gorshin, which can be seen healing quickly.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Someone get this guy covered up. Something tells me we're going to need him.

He then turns to look at his taskforce. He looks over at the frozen Xyrion before turning back to the taskforce again.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Alright, listen up.

The taskforce look over at him.

Agent Seventy-Seven: This is us, our taskforce. I know you're not the best in the eyes of others, you may feel outcasted and maybe even misguided. But this isn't a chance to do some good. This is a chance to get some payback. The Vigilante has made it his mission to ruin what we had; maybe it was family (looks at Ann), maybe it was a job that we had to do (looks to the Executioner) or maybe it was something else entirely. (looks at Erode and Gelid) But whatever it is, whenever we try to fight back, he always seem to win but not this time. This time, we work united, not as many but as one. The one that will finally be able to take down the Vigilante... once and for all.

Erode: So that's it, huh? We're some sort of Anti-Vigilante taskforce?

Agent Seventy-Seven: That's exactly what we are. Now, move out. There's an abandoned shipping company in Virginia. We'll rendezvous there tomorrow.

Ann: And where are you going?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Getting our bait. Don't try anything until I get there. And make sure the new addition is on our side.

Agent Seventy-Seven then activates his jetpack and hovers above the ground as the flames burst out through the modified thruster. He then flies up and away from the forest as the taskforce watches him leave them. The scene then focuses on the remaining taskforce members, looking up. Their faces are then highlighted as the scene transitions to the computer screen on board the Helicarrier, now showing mugshots and facial shots of the taskforce members.

Drake: And that's when I escaped. (sigh)

MCA Helicarrier: Control Hub
May 12, 20:28 EDT

Director, looking at the screen: These are a lot of bad individuals, Drake. Some even escaped from MCA custody recently. We have to intervene in this situation. It's our duty to recapture these Mutants before they can cause any more danger to anyone else.

Drake: And you will but I need to save her first.

Director: This isn't a negotiation, Drake. We don't even know if she's still alive.

Drake, raising his voice: Don't- (stops to look away before lowering his voice) don't go there, Director.

Director: It's not a chance we can take.

Drake: ...Give me some time. Let me find them, save her then you can go in. They won't let her go unless it's the Vigilante. Just give me this, Director. Because if I can't save her, then you and the rest of the MCA won't be able to.

The Director lets out a sigh while looking right at Drake.

Director: You've got three hours. No promises.

The Director then turns and walks off, attending to some other controls. Drake then nods to himself before heading off towards the elevator. John looks from the screen, seeing Drake head for the elevator. The scene cuts to the doors opening and Drake walking in, turning around to face the view. Just as the doors start to close, John squeezes in and lets out a sigh of relief.

John, jokingly: Almost missed it. Heh.

There's no response from Drake. He just looks straight in front of him as he gives off an upset expression. John then looks away, leaning against the elevator as the platform descends. A moment of silence passes by, filling the box.

Drake, without looking away: I should just go there, rush in and get her. Take them all out.

John turns and looks at Drake. His expression of slight surprise is soon replaced with one of concern.

John: I don't think that's such a great idea, Drake. I mean, I can't just rush in there.

Drake, turning to John: I can and I will, John. They have captive and I- I ran away. I failed her and I'm not about to do it again.

John: You didn't fail her, Drake. We just need to calm down and just leave it alone for minute-

Drake: Leave it alone? This is Kate we're talking about, John. They're going to kill her! And what? You're not upset about this?

John: Drake-

Drake: No, you just want to me stand her while this guy puts a gun to her head. You! I thought you would want me to rush in and save her. I thought you would want her to be saved in the first place. I thought you cared about her!

John: I do care about her!

The silence returns, coming between them, as Drake looks at John and visa versa, with a short moment passing by.

John: I care, alright? You think I just want to sit around and let her die? Are you kidding- me? I tried to save her! When you couldn't help, I tried, okay? You know, I'm sick of sitting on the sidelines while you run off and hop off rooftops and bust in and rescue her while I'm powerless in these situations and I have to only hope- HOPE that she makes it out alright. That you make it out alright. And I'm tired of feeling powerless, so yeah, I tried to save her because I would never put her life aside. But if staying on the sidelines is what's keeping her safe, then that's where I'll be... (calming down) Not every situation can be fixed by rushing in and beating up the bad guys, Drake. Sometimes, it's just- not that simple. Kate knows that, I know that, and you need to know it too.

Drake: ...So what do we do? How do I save her?

John shakes his head briefly.

John: First, we have to think this through. Come up with a plan. And second, you're not alone, man. You don't have to save her yourself.

Drake: Yeah, you're right.

Drake then looks away as if suddenly thinking of something.

Drake, words trailing off: You're right...

John: Don't sound too surprised.

Drake: No. John, you're right. I'm not alone... I have an idea.

John: Oh boy...

The scene then cuts to the holding cell where Jake is seen sitting against the side of the glass, looking out. The door is then heard sliding open, catching Jake's attention. As he turns his head, he sees Drake and John enter the room. Jake gets up and watches them as they step the front of the cell, looking at him.

Jake: Who are you guys?

Drake: We've met before.

Jake: You two were here earlier, right? During my interrogation? Look, are you guys here to take more samples or just intimidate me because I'm seriously not in the mood for this.

John: That's not what we're here for. It's about something that happened earlier...

Drake: We need your help.

Jake: You need my help? (scoff) I'm the one in this fishbowl prison. Don't you have your leaders and agents to talk to?

John: It's complicated. Someone we know was taken earlier and we need your help getting her back.

Jake: I heard about a girl going missing or something like that, earlier. Is she your friend?

Drake: Yes.

Jake: I'm sorry to hear about it but there's no way I'm helping you, any of you. I don't even think I can help you. I'm locked in this cell and this thing on my arm- it has a mind of its own.

Drake: That's actually what we need. With that thing on your arm, you have the power to help us take down the dangerous people that took our friend from us. If you were able to use that against me, you can use it against them.

Jake: Against you? ...So that was you in the hallway before. Look, I'm not a fighter. I don't want to start anything with anyone. I just want to go home and put together what I left behind... or what's left of it, anyways.

John: We can't just let you out. We're trying to get you to understand-

Drake goes to a panel, places his hand against it and hacks the cell door, unlocking it. John looks at Drake and the door in surprise as Jake pushes against it, exiting the cell. He looks around before turning to Drake.

Jake: Why did you-

Drake: Look, I don't know if I can trust you. And I know you feel the same about me, about him and about everyone here. But this is about us or about starting or even ending a fight, it's about saving a life and doing the right thing. Now we're going to save her, whether they like it or not. And if you still think we're on the wrong side, then I guess you just have to ask yourself if you would rather run away or help an innocent person in need.

Jake looks at Drake for a moment. John checks his tablet when a "beep!" noise is heard.

John: I got picked up on a encrypted transmission piggybacking off a frequency. It's one of the same frequencies that Annabelle used with her helmet.

Drake: He must be trying to tell us something.

John: Decrypting now..

A short moment passes before the transmission is played from the tablet.

Agent Seventy-Seven, via the tablet: This message is for the Vigilante. If you're recieving this transmission, and you better hope you are, I have realized that you have not came back to rescue your precious Kate... yet. No worries. She's perfectly fine. We relocated to another site in Virginia. The coordinates are embedded in this transmission. I want the Vigilante. No MCA, No Police and none of those other Vigilantes that we have seen you contacting with on several occasions. You have an hour and half. Be there otherwise she won't be.

The transmission ends.

John: Are you sure you want to do this?

Drake: What choice do we have?

Drake turns to Jake, who still remains there.

Drake: So? Will you help us?

Jake looks at them and the scene cuts to an abandoned-looking runway with a rusty-looking hangar besides it. The sky is still dark as the night continues.

Abandoned Airfield
May 12, 22:08 EDT

Inside the hangar, Kate can be seen tied and seated on a rusty, metallic platform. Agent Seventy-Seven stands besides her, practicing his aim with his blaster.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Time's running out, princess.

Kate: He'll be here.

Agent Seventy-Seven lowers his blaster and turns to look at Ann, adjusting her helmet.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Are you sure that transmission went through?

Ann: Please. I'm more than capable of adjusting frequencies.

Erode, walking into view: Well, even if he didn't get our message, we can always send one of our own. (eyes Kate)

Agent Seventy-Seven: We'll wait a little longer, Erode.

Erode: (grunts) (turns to Seventy-Seven) What's so important about her anyways?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Nothing... She's just some random girl that keeps following Vigilante sightings.

Erode looks at the agent for a second then nods to himself as he walks away. Ann looks at the Agent.

Agent Seventy-Seven, ignoring her glare: What's the status for our Vigilante?

Ann: He's uh...

She looks over at the hooded figure, who has his hood now lowered. His disfigured face showing. The person looks around the room as if trying to understand it.

Ann: -Stable... for the time being. I tried using my transmodulator to help with his communication but, his biological state is a scientific nightmare. It's almost as if he was grown or something.

Agent Seventy-Seven: As long as he does what we say, that's all that matters. Gorshin?

Ann: As long as my helmet is functioning, he's under my control.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Well done, Ann. Soon, we'll end the Vigilante together. Just double check on the other one. I don't want anything to go wrong.

Ann nods and walks away, leaving her helmet behind. Agent Seventy-Seven continues checking his blaster.

Kate: You didn't tell her. About the name and the description.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Why should I? Most of us have seen you with the Vigilante, we know you're close with him.

Kate: No, they don't. You said I was just some random girl who follows him around. That's different from being close with him.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You think you're clever, don't you?

Kate: Only because I'm not wrong about it, now am I?

Agent Seventy-Seven: No, you're not. I assumed you were close with the Vigilante and it was only confirmed when I found him inside your van. Meaning he's your friend... or maybe, someone more than that.

Kate gives him a look which slowly starts to break as she looks away with thought.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Either way, it just gives him more of a chance of coming down here, distracted, obviously thinking about trying to save you. After all, a guy like him must try to keep close to his friend.

Drake, calling out, unseen, from a distance: Hey!

Agent Seventy-Seven gives off a small grunt and turns to the hangar opening.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Speaking of whom...

Seventy-Seven walks to the front of the hangar, sliding his blaster back in his holster. The taskforce members look to the front as well. The scene then shows Drake standing in front of the hangar, suited in his Vigilante suit, as Seventy-Seven continues approaching. He stops at the opening.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Vigilante. We've been expecting you.

Drake: I know. You know why I'm here.

Agent Seventy-Seven: But you need to know why we're here. We're here to finish you, Vigilante. It's time for our revenge.

Drake: This doesn't involve her. Let her go and we'll see how this ends.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Unfortunately for you, it does involve her. You see if you don't let us kill you, we kill her.

Drake: Okay... just don't hurt her.

Agent Seventy-Seven, turning to the others: Check the perimeter.

Ann, checking her helmet: I'm detecting any MCA frequencies in the area.

The Executioner: My traps haven't gone off. No Mutants.

Agent Seventy-Seven, turning to Drake: Well then, looks like it's our lucky day.

Seventy-Seven walks forwards, followed by the rest of the taskforce. He pulls out his blaster while Drake remains there. Seventy-Seven then stands in front of Drake and raises the blaster to Drake's face.

Agent Seventy-Seven: After all these years, all this planning, I can now feel the worth of it all now that your death will finally bring justice for what you did to my brother. He would be proud to see this, to see you like this; powerless, helpless and alone.

Drake: That's what you have wrong, Seventy-Seven.

He tilts his head slightly.

Drake: I'm not alone. A large blast then hits near the taskforce, forcing them to step back as they look around. Agent Seventy-Seven then turns around, raising his blaster at the warehouse opening, however, a field of energy blocks it off. He turns around again as the smoke clears, now seeing John, armed with a belt of weaponry and technology, walking to Drake and Jake hovering roughly down, next to Drake as well.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You brought some help?!

Drake: No... I brought some friends.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You really think the three of you can take on the seven of us?

Drake is silent, looking right at Agent Seventy-Seven. A scoff escapes from him.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Fine. (cracks neck) Let's see how it ends then.

Agent Seventy-Seven readies his blaster, Ann arms her helmet, the Executioner readies his ax, the Divider, while wind circles around Erode's hands, mist flows down Gelid's arms, Gorshin spreads his wings, letting out a screech and the "Vigilante" copy looks out, furious. Meanwhile, across from the taskforce, Jake raises his arm, with energy from the device overcoming it, Drake stands ready and John raises his blaster. The taskforce then charges forwards while Drake's side charges forwards as well. The two sides then clash with Drake fighting against Agent Seventy-Seven, John blasting at the Executioner and Jake blasting energy at Ann. Agent Seventy-Seven strikes Drake in the head, pushing him back. Drake looks up, seeing the blaster pointed him. He activates his one of his forms as ports appear at certain parts of his body and scales form over his back. He then uses frequencies from the ports to call the scales to the front, blocking the blast from the blaster. Drake then detaches the scales and charges to Seventy-Seven, uses his scales, hovering over his arms, to block the blasts as he approaches him. Seventy-Seven then ducks down, sweep-kicking Drake to the ground. Drake then rolls out of the way as Seventy-Seven slams his fist down. He then looks up and grunts, running off to Drake. The view remains where it is, now focusing on John, firing at the Executioner behind them. The Executioner blocks the blast with his ax, remaining fine.

The Executioner: Not this time, boy!

The Executioner raises the Divider and charges for John, yelling out. John checks his belt quickly before removing a canister and throws it at the ground. It releases a black dust that spreads around. The Executioner runs through it, swinging his ax around. It clashes against the ground, creating a spark which triggers an explosion, sending the Executioner flying backwards.

John: Modified solution created with magnesium powder. Petrisidam tends to react negatively against it.

As John stands there, a screech is heard from above him. He turns and sees Gorshin flying around, chasing after Jake who roughly flies around.

Jake: Seriously? A giant bat? I just learned the whole flying thing like an hour ago.

Jake turns around, firing a blast of energy at Gorshin who easily evades it. The two continue circling around through the air as John watches them from the ground. He then reaches in his belt, removing a small modified blaster.

John, aiming at Gorshin: Oh, I really hope this works.

John closes his eyes and pulls the trigger, activating the blaster as it emits a high frequency which stuns Gorshin. He drops to the ground and covers his head. Ann then runs through the battle, holding her helmet, adjusting its frequencies.

Ann, to Gorshin: NO! Get up, you dull creature! You belong to me!

Jake, unseen: Now that doesn't sound very lady-like.

Ann turns around and sees Jake hovering above her. He then lands and approaches her. Ann adjusts her helmet, attempting to use it on Jake but he remains unaffected.

Ann: You- You're not a Mutant.

Jake: I get my power from something else, lady. Looks like you're not controlling anyone around here.

Erode, barely seen: I don't know about that.

Jake turns around, seeing Erode.

Erode: She took control of my heart.

Jake, turning around: Oh yeah? And what can you do?

Erode: Glad you asked. Let's just say, I bring the thunder.

Thunder is then heard rumbling around as thick, dark clouds start to form around him, raising him upwards slightly. Flashes of light strike through the clouds as the thunder continues. Jake takes a step back but, before he really react, Erode extends his arms out and the lightning channels itself from the clouds around him, through his arms, impacting with Jake. He is then thrown back and lays against the ground, motionless. The view raises from Jake's body and shows Drake being knocked back by Agent Seventy-Seven. He runs back to return to the fight but is tackled by the "Vigilante". Drake looks up and the "Vigilante" grabs him, absorbing his power. Drake yells out in pain before kicking him off of him. Drake then gets up as the Vigilante looks down his hands which glow ever-so-slightly before morphing easily into axes similar to Drake's ax-form, however they are darker and look more organic as if they are grown out of him rather than built.

Drake: Who- What are you? You look like... me.

"Vigilante": I am you- but better! I was made to- to be like you... to destroy you, to be the Vigilante.

Drake: I'm the Vigilante. You're something else.

"Vigilante": (growls) I AM THE VIGILANTE!

The false Vigilante charges for Drake, swinging his ax-arms around. Drake dodges them before activating his blade-form and swinging down at the false Vigilante. The attack slices at his arm, leaving behind a gaping wound. The false Vigilante yells out in pain and looks down at his arm which heals almost instantly. Drake steps back in surprise, seeing this, before shifting his attention back to the false Vigilante who just looks even more angry than before. He yells out, morphing his ax-arms to fire-based hands. As he morphs into this new form, the rest of his body starts to crack, with a flames exiting the cracks, engulfing him partially in fire. The two duel, with Drake attempting to stop the attacks with his blade-form and the false Vigilante simply striking against it with all his strength. The scene cuts back to John who continues blasting Gorshin with high frequencies. He turns his attention and sees Jake laying against the ground and Drake being attacked by the false Vigilante. John then decides to stop firing high frequencies at Gorshin and backs away. Gorshin then lets his head go, shakes his head around and screeches. Ann walks over to Jake's fallen body but stops upon hearing Gorshin's screeches.

Ann: Great, he's awake. Time to reclaim my control over this stupid animal.

Ann, re-activates his helmet, attempting to control Gorshin once again but the frequencies become distorted when another frequency causes interference. Ann looks and sees John aiming his blaster at Ann. The feedback then creates sparks on her helmet, forcing her to remove it and drop it on the ground. John then stops firing his blaster as Gorshin rises from the ground, spreading his wings. He looks right at Ann.

John: I don't think he liked you controlling his mind, Annabelle.

Gorshin lets out a loud and angry-like screech as he flaps his wings, taking to the sky. He then swoops down at Ann, grabbing him with his legs. Ann shrieks as she's whisked away.

Erode, looking up at Gorshin: You've got to be kidding me. Don't worry, Ann, I've got you!

Erode then extends his arms out, creating a wind tunnel at the ground. The wind then starts to grow, forming into a small tornado. The tornado sucks in Gorshin and Ann as they both tumble around within it. Gelid comes over to Erode, watching him form the tornado. He then turns his head and sees John approaching the fallen Jake.

Gelid, turning back to Erode: Hey, there's two of them over there.

Erode, focusing on the tornado: Then what are you doing here for? Go get them already!

Gelid: Oh, uh- right.

Gelid hurries off as Erode continues focusing on his tornado. Back with John, he is seen shaking Jake around.

John: Hey. Come on, man, are you alright? Come on, get up.

Jake then starts to awaken.

Jake: (groans) Uh- what happened?

John: I don't know but you smell like burnt chicken so I'm assuming you were electrocuted.

John helps Jake get up on his feet.

Jake: Look, John. I don't know if I can do this thing. These guys at least know how to use their powers, I'm just going with what's coming to me and whatever you guys taught me in the last hour.

John: Jake, listen, we believe in you, that's the reason why you're here right now but you need to start believing in yourself. You can do this, we can do this, alright?

Jake thinks for a moment then nods.

John, walking off: Great, now let's go help out the Vigilante with-

An ice blast comes before John, stopping him in place. He and Jake look over and see Gelid approaching them, mist coming off from his hands.

Gelid, approaching them: Freeze! You're not going anywhere.

John: Oh yeah? Well, my friend here begs to differ.

Jake steps forward and raises his arm, a beam of energy shooting out the device around his arm. Gelid blasts the ground, raising a wall of ice which blocks the beam temporarily. The beam momentarily breaks their the ice but Gelid has already ran out from behind it. Jake continues blasting at Gelid who avoids the blasts, firing ice blasts back at him. While the two continue fighting one another, John turns around, seeing Drake fight the false Vigilante. John retrieves his blaster, adjusting its setting once again. He then fires and a rapid series of lasers fire from the blaster, hitting the back of the false Vigilante, who turns around, furious, and yells out at John. The false Vigilante blasts a beam of fire from his hands which misses John as he jumps out of the way. The beam hits a barrel, creating an explosion of fire. The false Vigilante approaches John who remains on the ground but Drake jumps onto his back, wrapping his arm around his neck. Jake then turns around, seeing the struggle between Drake and the false Vigilante as the flames around him start to engulf Drake, himself. But, his attention is brought back to Gelid as he fires another ice beam at him. Jake then looks as if he had just thought of something and uses his energy to hover backwards. Gelid chases after him, firing more blasts from his hands.

Jake: Seriously? You call that a shot? That giant bat had a better chance at taking me on. Maybe you should stick to the sidelines so I can stop going easy on you.

Gelid: What?! That's it, you punk! I'm putting you ice for good.

Gelid extends his arms out, firing a powerful beam of ice at Jake. He hovers around but Gelid moves his hands around to redirect the beam. Jake then flies over the false Vigilante and the ice blast hits him instead, freezing the false Vigilante. Jake, as he flies over, grabs Drake and throws him off of the false Vigilante, before he freezes. Gelid then stops firing his blast and drops to his knees, tired. The false Vigilante drops down to the ground as well, his flames exhausted as he lets out a soft groan.

Gelid, seeing the result of what he did: Aw man...

John then knocks him out with the butt of his blaster. He then looks up from Gelid, seeing Erode remove Ann from the tornado. John and Jake then head over to confront them, leaving Drake on the ground. He gets up and turns but is knocked out by Agent Seventy-Seven. His vision goes blurry and a ringing is heard through his ears as Agent Seventy-Seven stands over him. The scene then fades from the darkness to the light of the moon as the scene zooms out, showing the dark, night sky. Another flashback scene. The view lowers from the sky to the road where the truck is seen driving along, its headlights on. There are several trees on the side of the road, presumingly a forest.

2 Hours from Sanctuary
9 Years Ago

Inside the van, Eugene can be seen driving with Marsha in the passenger seat. The view pans to the back of the truck, showing a younger Drake resting on Leia's lap while Will sits at the end of the seat, looking out of the window.

Will, turning to the front: Look, I don't want to sound inconsiderate but- we've been driving for hours now. Where are you taking us?

Eugene, driving: Somewhere safe.

Will: Care to fill me in?

Eugene: Look, it's under control. We know what we're doing. 

Silence fills the truck. A moment passes before a sigh can be heard from the front of the truck.

Marsha: We should tell them, Eugene.

Eugene, driving: ...Okay.

Will: Tell us what? What's going on?

Eugene, driving: Relax, the last thing we need is a panic. We don't exactly know where we're going. We're just moving far from Sanctuary.

Will: What? Why?

Marsha: The place is crawling with creatures. If we get too close, they'll come for us and we don't have the man-power or fire-power to defend ourselves.

Will: What about back in Sanctuary? There were men out there, other people-

Marsha: Some... managed to escape on their own, maybe even with the help of others passing by. Jefferson had these fallback plans but we never really put much thought into them.

Eugene, driving: He always felt like the day would never come when Sanctuary would fall.

Will: Well, it happened. And we can't just leave them behind like that.

Eugene, driving: You think we don't know? We've been in Sanctuary for months! We had friends there, family, a life, even. That place meant the world to us but if we go back, we might be able to save one, maybe three people at best, but we'll most likely not make it out alive. And I can't do that to you and your family.

Will is about to say something but stops himself as he looks over at Leia and Drake, both resting. He then looks sincere and turns back to the front.

Will: Okay... I'm sorry for lashing out like that. I didn't realize how close you were to the community. We had only been there for a little less than a month, I believe. I thought I would never have to face a Mutant attack like that again...

Eugene, driving: It's like you said, man... it happened.

Will: ...So, now that everything's out in the open, what are we going to do next?

Eugene, driving: Survive, mainly. We've been studying Mutant patterns for a bit to help with scavenging. We'll stay out of their way, avoid any conflict and gather what we can and make due.

Will: I guess that sounds like a plan.

Marsha: Right now, it's the only plan we've got.

Eugene, driving: Anyways, there should be a gas station up this road, I think. We'll search the place and see if there's anything we can use.

As the truck continues driving, the gas station that Eugene had mentioned appears on the right hand side, in a short distance. There is however a dark colored truck with white camouflage patterns, parked there.

Eugene, driving, looking to the right: Look, there it is now.

Will turns to look, outside the window. His eyes widen upon seeing the truck.

Will: Stop the truck.

Eugene, driving: What?

Will: I said, stop the truck! Cut the lights off!

Eugene hesitates for a moment but has the truck come to a stop, pulling to the side of the road and cuts off its headlights. Leia and Drake seem have awoken.

Leia: Will, what's going on?

Eugene: Yeah, why you'd want me to stop the car?

Will, looking directly at the truck: I know that truck.

Marsha, looking out the window: He's right... Those are hunters.

A group of men in leather jackets are seen outside of the truck. They look like they're having a conversation.

Leia: Hunters?

Eugene: We don't really know about them but they actually like hunting down these creatures.

Marsha: I'm guessing they were big-game hunters or something before the explosion which explains why they're so well equipped.

Will: That's not how exactly how it goes but something like that, yeah.

The men are then seen entering the truck and driving off from the gas station.

Eugene: They probably cleared the place.

Will: Might still be worth a look, just wait a few minutes. They could come back.

Young Drake: Why are we hiding from them?

Leia: They're dangerous people, Drake.

Young Drake: So what do we do now?

Will: We stick to the plan. We survive.

The truck is then seen starting up with the headlines flashing back on. The glare from the light transitions to particles flowing around. The view pans to the right and zooms out simultaneously, taking the focus from the particles to the fire on the airfield to present-day Drake who sat up-straight, head leaning downwards, still unconscious. He begins to awaken as a shadow comes over him. He looks up and sees Agent Seventy-Seven, standing there.

Drake: If you're going to kill me... just do it.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Oh I will, Vigilante. But not without seeing the face of the man who took everything from my brother.

Drake attempts to back away as Seventy-Seven reaches for Drake. He grabs him and Drake struggles to escape his grip, still tipsy from regaining consciousness. As Drake starts to put up more of a fight, Agent Seventy-Seven manages to get a grip of Drake's goggles, grabbing at them. When Drake breaks away, he turns to face Agent Seventy-Seven, with his hood lowered and fists ready. Agent Seventy-Seven stands there, looking at the Vigilante, his goggles in his hand. Drake keeps looking at Agent Seventy-Seven until he looks down at his hand, now noticing that his googles have come off. He then turns to look at Seventy-Seven again who holds up the goggles, looking down at them.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Now, I see. 

He looks up at Drake who's still looking over at him. Agent Seventy-Seven drops the goggles on the floor. The fire around them can be seen through the reflection of the lens. Drake looks up from the goggles, back to Agent Seventy-Seven who can now be seen, reaching for his helmet, removing it. He holds his helmet in front of him, looking down at it before looking up at Drake once more.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You're nothing but a child. It seems the description my brother had of you was right... he was always very- descriptive.

Drake: It's like you said, Seventy-Seven, I'm nothing. I'm not important to you. All of this- was for nothing.

Agent Seventy-Seven: No, but you're important to other people, yeah? You have another life, people you care about, people who must care about you, people who might just know you, maybe someone who just knows your name. You're the MCA's secret weapon after all... ALL of them must know who you are and what you do.

Drake: What are you trying to say?

Agent Seventy-Seven: What I'm saying is your face alone gave me so many targets to pick off. Maybe I won't kill you, maybe I'll just put you in the same condition you left my brother in so that you can hear about all the people you failed, knowing you can't do a thing about it.

Drake: Don't! Those are innocent people, okay?

Agent Seventy-Seven: If they're connected to you, then nobody is innocent!

Drake: You want revenge? Huh? Then fight me! FIGHT ME!

Agent Seventy-Seven: The only way you're stopping this, is by ending it the same way you did with my brother. You know what you have to do.

Drake: I won't do what you want.

Agent Seventy-Seven: One of us is leaving this fight, (puts helmet back on) one way or another.

Drake's face then tightens as well as his fists. The two of them stare at each other for a moment as the flames dance around them on the airfield. Agent Seventy-Seven then charges forwards, swinging his fists, which Drake attempts to evade. Drake strikes Seventy-Seven across the torso, pushing him back. Seventy-Seven holds his chest and looks at Drake who approaches. He taps the side of his gloves, activating some hidden wiring within them, giving them a blue, electric-glow. As Drake gets closer, ready to strike, Seventy-Seven sucker-punches him in the face, delivering a shock emitting from the gloves. Drake drops to the ground, holding the side of his face. He looks up as Seventy-Seven walks over to him. Drake tries to get up but Seventy-Seven kicks him over.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You like that? Huh? (kicks him again) Kid or not, you burned my brother, you Mutant freak. (kicks him again) (breaths heavily) Now it's about time I burned you too.

Seventy-Seven pulls out his blaster and shoots Drake in the back as he struggles to get up. Drake shouts in pain as the blast hits him. Seventy-Seven shoots again, Drake, however, doesn't shout but instead keeps it in, his face winces and he lets out a low growl. Seventy-Seven then raises the blaster, adjusting the setting.

Agent Seventy-Seven: One more shot, maybe to the head this time, should end you then I can get started with ending everyone you know and care for.

Seventy-Seven points the blaster at Drake's head but Drake gets up, knocking Seventy-Seven back. Drake then yells out, striking with Seventy-Seven with his fists. Agent Seventy-Seven grabs his arm and struggles to keep the enraged Drake away from him. Drake then activates his mace-form and freezes Seventy-Seven's glove, shattering it. Seventy-Seven tries fighting back but Drake strikes him back, knocking him into a barrel which tips over, spilling oil towards the trail of fire around them. Seventy-Seven then reaches for his helmet, removing it. His face is bruised. He looks up at Drake who has walked over and is now standing over him. Drake grabs and holds down Seventy-Seven with his regular arm and holds up his mace-hand.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Go on... do it. You know you want to. End me like you ended my brother! DO IT!

The fire grows closer, racing across the oil, heading back to its source. Drake looks away from the approaching fire and looks down at Seventy-Seven, whom he is holding against the ground. Drake continues looking at him for a moment, the flames still approaching. From the distance, John and Jake can be seen approaching but stop when seeing Drake holding Agent Seventy-Seven against the ground. Jake starts to approach but John stops him and they both look at the two of them. Hepta looks at the flames coming towards him and closes his eyes, bracing for them to hit him. Drake then deactivates his form and grabs Seventy-Seven with both hands. He tries moving both of them out of the way as the flames reach the barrel, creating an explosion which throws him forwards and onto the ground. Seventy-Seven attempts to get up, looking over at Drake who is also trying to get up.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Why did you save me? Why didn't you let me burn?

Drake: Because I'm not the person you thought I was. I'm not this monster that you see, I'm just a someone trying to help the innocent. And your brother wasn't innocent. He hurt people and was going to hurt my friend, just like you were going to. The difference between you and him is that I know you tried to do something right but, just like him, you were wrong. You know my face? Fine. But I know yours too. You want to come after me, go ahead. But if you go after anyone I know, anyone I care about- then you will see the monster you wanted to see.

Drake then walks away, leaving Agent Seventy-Seven standing there. John then goes over to him and cuffs him. The scene then transitions to later on where the MCA have arrived at the airfield, detaining the taskforce members. Agent Owens approaches Drake, John and Jake who seemed to be having a conversation. They stop when seeing Owens coming over to them.

Owens: So, I see we're back to breaking the rules again.

Drake: It needed to be done.

Owens: I know and I understand. You had to do what you had to do. (to Jake) You, on the other hand-

Jake: Look, man, I just wanted to help out where I can. I didn't mean to break any of your rules or whatever.

Owens is silent.

Jake: (sigh) I'm going back in the cell, aren't I?

Owens: Most likely but what you did here didn't go unnoticed.

John, turning to Jake: Consider that a compliment.

Owens: We managed to round up the members of this taskforce. We're sending the Iowa City inmates to another outpost until further notice and this Agent Seventy-Seven to a secure facility.

John: What about Gorshin and the Executioner?

Owens: They somehow escaped before we arrived. We'll search around the area afterwards.

MCA Officers escort Agent Seventy-Seven to the Jumpjet. He uses his strength to come to stop, despite the officers pushing him forwards. Owens gives them a nod and the Officers let him stay. Seventy-Seven is looking at Drake, who now has his goggles back on.

Agent Seventy-Seven: You know this won't last, right? There's something out there bigger than the both of us, you just don't know it yet.

Drake: Wherever they end up throwing you, it'll hold you long enough.

Agent Seventy-Seven: That may be so, but I'm still getting out sooner or later. And I still know about you and the girl. Maybe I'll share that info with all my taskforce associates. I'm sure they'll get a real kick out of it.

Drake looks at him.

Agent Seventy-Seven: ...Or maybe I'll just keep it to myself. You'll be seeing me again, Vigilante, no doubt about that. But for now, we both understand each other. You have your justice and I have my jobs. No more revenge, nothing personal, not anymore. Understand?

Drake gives a single nod.

Agent Seventy-Seven: Good... Word of advice, (looks over at the Vigilante clone being moved onto the Jumpjet) we both know he's not normal. He's different and not in a good way. There are some things out there, some Mutants, big talking ones, they called him the experiment and Ann said something about his biology. Being grown.

Drake: Why are you telling me this?

Agent Seventy-Seven: Like I said, Vigilante, there's something out there bigger than the both of us. I know there are some things my... employers won't tell me about, things that can change everything. You have a better chance at figuring that out and doing that justice thing of yours might actually help the both of us this time. Consider that a warning what's to come. Let's hope for both our sakes, it's a long while before we meet again.

Drake: If it isn't, we'll be ready.

Seventy-Seven glare lingers at Drake even after the MCA Officers move him along to the Jumpjet. On the Jumpjet, Ann is seated on the bench, looking annoyed, while Erode sits next to her.

Erode: So, I saved your life back there. You gonna make it up to me?

Ann: What could I possibly do to make it up to you? I'm a scientist and we're off to prison again.

Erode: I dunno, I can think of few things.

Ann: Like what? You need some calculations done or something?

Erode: Alright, I'll be frank since these seem to be blowing right past you. You wanna date or what?

Ann: Date you? What? No! Where did that even come from?

Erode: Are you kidding? I've been hitting on you since Day 1.

Gelid: It was so annoying...

Ann: Look, you're kinda smart which is a nice touch from the generic bunch that I've come across and you definitely have a unique personality but, well, I don't know how to put this- you're not my type.

Erode: Typical. Absolutely typical.

The door then closes and the Jumpjet prepares to take off.

John: So that hooded Mutant was a copy of you?

Drake: He looked like me, sounded like me but he was different. He was markings on his face and he was more angry. His forms also looked- I don't know, like they were apart of him, not like mine.

Owens: What do you think, John?

John: I don't really know for sure. I'll have to run some theories in the lab.

Owens: Well, for the time being, if he is somehow a copy of Drake, we'll have to keep him in holding until we learn more about him, what he's capable of and what danger he poses.

Jake: But, I'm in holding. You guys don't want me to share a room with him, right?

Owens: No. You were capable of controlling the device on your arm. I think, personally, with more training and guidance, you can do some good in this world. 

Jake: Wow, so does that mean I get my own room?

Owens: ...Yes, you get your own room.

Jake: Yes! I mean, thank you, sir, for this opportunity.

Owens: (nods) We'll see you back on the Helicarrier. Jumpjet leaves in ten.

Owens walks off, heading for the second Jumpjet on site. The three of them then start to walk to the Jumpjet as well.

Drake: I just want to say, thank you for helping me today. You didn't have to but you did it anyways.

Jake: I was raised to do good things. Just because something bad happened to me doesn't mean I should let bad things happen to other people. And I can see now that you guys are the good guys and not scary monsters experimenting on me so that's definitely a plus.

John: And, it looks like we're gonna be co-workers.

Jake: Yeah about that, I'm not sure if I'm up for being a secret agent or whatever it is you guys do. I mean I'm just a kid with a thing that shoots lasers on his arm. I don't think I'm up to their requirements and all that.

John: Look, when I first started, I just met him and all I did was help. I was a nobody-really but I wanted to help and you do too, it seems. A wise man once said, "will-power is the capable of conquering the impossible." I believe with enough will-power, you can accomplish anything.

Jake: Yeah, maybe you're right.

Drake: Didn't the Professor say that?

John: He was wise, wasn't he?

Jake: Who's the Professor?

Drake: Someone we met earlier today. He helped us find Kate.

Drake's words start to trail off as the view focuses on John's face, flashes of the Professor's journal are seen appearing before him, slowly opening.

Drake, distorted: John... John... (clearer) John!

John snaps out of it and looks at Drake and Jake who are looking at him.

Drake: Are you okay?

John: Yeah, yeah. Just- thinking, y'know.

Drake nods, understandingly.

Drake: What do you think about the copy of me?

Jake: I know what I think.

Drake gives him a slight glare.

John: I'm really not sure. It sounded like he was talking about the Xyrions.

Drake: They were extracting samples from Blake back in Nexus.

John: I find that extremely unlikely but, considering what we've been through, it's still a possibility that maybe Ekard was grown from the DNA that he absorbed from you.

Drake: Ekard?

John: Yeah, I figured since he's your opposite, I'll just reverse your name and give it to him.

Drake: That's a bad way of naming a copy of someone.

John: It was short notice. I'll come up with something better some other time.

They continue approaching the Jumpjet. Inside, Kate is seen, seated on a bench, being treated by a MCA Medic. Drake, John and Jake then enter the view as the climb into the Jumpjet. Kate pushes the Medic's hands away and gets up from the bench.

Kate: Guys.

Kate hurries over and hugs them both.

Kate: Oh gosh, thanks for saving me.

Drake: Always, Kate. Always.

Kate smiles and stops hugging them. She looks at John.

Kate: I saw you, out there.

John: You did?

Kate: Yeah... (hits his shoulder) What were you thinking? You could have gotten hurt!

John: Ow!

Kate: Sorry, not sorry.

John: I just did it to make sure you're safe. Was getting kinda tired of sitting on the sidelines, waiting for someone to rescue you.

Kate: Funny.

John: What?

Kate: I was getting tired of waiting for you to save me. I mean, Drake already did it. It's time for you to step up. (smirks)

John smiles. Kate turns to Jake.

Kate: Who's he?

Jake: Hi, I'm Jake Lincoln. I'm the guy from the pod.

Kate: You're the guy from the pod? You look... a lot better than what I expected.

Jake: That might actually be the first compliment that I ever got from a girl. (chuckle)

Kate: Well, I saw you out there too so thanks for saving me also.

Jake: I'm just glad to help. Well, I'll be in the front, trying to make this less awkward for everyone.

Jake continues inside the Jumpjet.

Kate: You know I was actually pretty scared back there. It was like the first time, I was scared but I knew someone would come to get me so I tried to hide it. I tried to stay strong again but then I saw you get thrown around and I was scared again. Maybe I just thought that nobody would come and get me and that- that was it for me.

Drake: I won't let that happen, Kate. We all won't.

Kate: Thanks, Drake. That- means a lot to me.

Drake: ...I'm going to check with Owens about the-

Kate: Yeah, no, of course. I get it.

Drake: Okay.

Drake then turns and heads to the cockpit of the Jumpjet. Kate then lets out a sigh and prepares to walk to the bench but John holds her hand. She turns and looks at him.

John: Hey, um- I have to ask you something.

Kate: What is it?

John: Um... well, it's- not easy for me but-

Kate: John, whatever it is, just tell me. I'm always there for you, whatever it is. That's what best friends are for, John.

John: (chuckle) That's actually what's making this so hard for me right now.

Kate looks at John, a little confused.

John: Kate, how would you like to come with- go with- me out- um- I mean, (wipes forehead) um-

Kate: John?

John: I just wanna know if you want to- well, if you can- just- uh...

Kate: What are you trying to say?

John looks down, closes his eyes and takes a breath. He then slowly looks up at Kate, holds her hand with both his hands. A small smile comes across his face as he looks at her.

John: Kate... would you go out with me? And before you say anything, yes- as a date.

Kate: John... I-

John: Look, it's okay if you don't want to-

Kate: Yes.

John: Huh?

Kate: Yes, of course, I would love to go out with you.

John: It's not going to be awkward or anything?

Kate: No. I mean, I don't think so. But- John, I like you and we're friends, best friends even. We can make this work.

John: Well, okay. Yeah, that's- that's great! (chuckle) I never did that before. It felt incredible. I should've told you months ago.

Kate: You felt this way for months? John...

John: Sorry...

Kate: Did Drake know?

John: Um, well-

Kate: He did, didn't he? (scoffs) Just wait 'till I tell him off. (laughs)

Kate goes to the cockpit, leaving John by the Jumpjet opening. The door then starts to close behind him as his smile fades. He turns around, seeing the flashes of the journal opening again. The door then shuts, the flashes end. John then sits on the bench and activates his tablet. He opens a note application, a list of notes appearing afterwards. The list includes note titles; from bottom to top, they read: Emma's Birthday List, Materials for Nanogene Research 2.0, Movie Quotes I Still Need to Remember, Xyrion Notes, and Future Journal Entry. John hovers his finger over "Future Journal Entry" for a moment then taps it. The note expands, revealing what is written within it. The note reads, "A note from Professor Richard's journal of a possible future. NOTE: Make sure this never happens!" followed by a quotation reading, "The Vigilante and his friend, John, fail to save Kate Wilson during an attack like none other. During the battle, she is killed trying to save the Vigilante. This is to occur sometime in June, this year." John continues looking down at his tablet, the light coming off from the screen, reflects on his face in the dark interior of the Jumpjet.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Agent Seventy-Seven creates the Anti-Vigilante Taskforce
  • Drake, John and Jake unite forces to defeat the Anti-Vigilante Taskforce
  • Agent Seventy-Seven learns of Drake's true identity
  • Jake is offered the opportunity to work for the MCA
  • John asks Kate out on a date
  • It's revealed that the Professor envisioned Kate's death sometime in June.

Minor Events

  • Jake learns to trust the MCA
  • Jake learns to better control his device
  • Drake and the others learn that Ekard is a copy of Drake, grown by the Xyrions



  • Anti-Vigilante Taskforce (First Appearance)
    • Agent Seventy-Seven/Hepta Sotar
    • Annabelle Nemo
    • The Executioner
    • Erode/Sam Vetters
    • Gelid/Kane Miller
    • Dr. Chad Gorshin
    • Ekard (First Appearance)
  • Government Agent (Flashback) (Voice Only)
  • Xyrion Leader

Forms Used

By Drake

  • Acidic Thorns (x2)
  • Stone Slicer
  • Sonar Scales
  • Electro-Icer

By Ekard

  • Shard-Form
  • Ax-Form
  • Fire-Form


  • When the Government Agent says, "Good Morning, Mr. Sotar." It's a subtle allusion to Eugene Kittridge/The Recording from Mission: Impossible.
  • During the flashbacks that show the taskforce coming together, Erode says to Agent Seventy-Seven after his speech, "So that's it, huh? We're some kind of Anti-Vigilante taskforce?" This is a reference to a line said by Deadshot in the film, Suicide Squad.
  • John says, "I love it when a plan comes together." is a reference to Hannibal's catchphrase from The A-Team.


  • This is the the first episode in which unrelated villains had formed an alliance against Drake.
    • This is, however, the third episode to involve a villainous team-up; the first being Manhunt, with Agent Sixty-Six and the Infinite Darkness, and the second being Speed Limit with Erode and Gelid.
  • This episode is a continuation of the previous episode.
  • Hepta's phone call with the Government Agent was originally going to be about Hexa's condition but the Writer felt it would've made better sense to have it take place after the events of Rescue, implying he already knows about Hexa's condition.
  • Hepta was meant to show up to an isolated MCA containment facility in a desert somewhere and bribe a corrupt MCA Officer in order to have access to Gorshin's cell but that scene was cut from the final version.
  • All the villains are shown how they joined the taskforce except for the Executioner because it felt rather unnecessary and would have made the episode longer than it needed to be.
  • This episode was going to include a scene where the Executioner shows the taskforce his favorite gun-shop, a revived supermarket that now sells weaponry, in order to pick up supplies but it was scrapped from the episode. However, according to the Writer it may still appear later on.
  • Ikuo Masaki and Dr. Nemo, Annabelle's father, were considered to participate in the taskforce but it was decided against it.
  • The Professor was planned to appear in this episode as a cameo in order to better connect it to the previous one, however, that was replaced with the flashes on the Professor's journal.
  • The future journal entry reveal was originally going to happen at the end of the previous episode but it felt better for the stakes in this one.
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