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Ven 10 and the Rise of Kalswek Part 1 is the 4th episode of Ven 10 and the season 2 pilot.

Ven 10
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date Sunday, 5/20/12
Written by Levin RATH
Directed by Levin RATH
Episode Guide
All To Get Her, Now!!!
Ven 10 and the Rise of Kalswek Part 2

"After I take those "earrings" away... You'll be nothing..." ~Kalswek


Ven is lying on her bed. Suddenly, a black figure flips in through the window! Two black figures!!! THREE black fig-

Ven: (moaning) Enough!!! I get it, lots of black figures!!! Blah, blah, buh-lah!!!


The black figures jabbed at Ven's sides as Ven stood up. On the floor, Ven managed to transform...

Ven: Swampfire!!!

Ven threw fireballs at the black figures, but they became intangible!!! They start to fly!!!

Swampfire: If I die, then I'll never be able to get that badge on the wiki. The one that says: Don't be such a (transforms) Ghostfreak!!!

Note: All parts of that line are works of puns and fiction. Ven does not really think that Ectonurite-themed bagdes are more important than her life.

Ghostfreak: Shut up, narrator!!! Of course, I don't!!!

Well, sor-rey.

Ghostfreak: Thank you. (becomes intangible, punches a flying figure) This isn't Subway... But we serve a better knuckle-sandwich!!! (transforms) Big Chill!!! (becomes intangible, kicks another figure) And a better footlong!!!

One of the figures becomes tangabile again. He crawls on the floor, grabs Ven's leg...

Big Chill: Whoa!!! (falls over)

...And Ven falls over.

Big Chill: (turns back into Ven) Narrator, shut up!!!

You shut up.

Ven: No, you!!!

The other two figures tie up Ven's wrists... and another figure walks up... The darkest figure of them all... Kalswek!!!

Kalswek: (mocks Ven) So, what do we have here??? The Omnitrix in the hands of a little girl???

Ven: (struggles to break free) It's not the Omnitrix. Who are you!?!?

Kalswek: My name is Kalswek. I find you of great interest to me...

Ven: What do you want??? Even if I wanted to give the Ganamatrix to you, I couldn't!!! (trys to lunge at Kalswek)

Kalswek: (points to Ven's ear) Your earring.

Ven: (lunges again) You'll never get them. You'll never get them out of mobile form!!!

Kalswek: (smirks) Oh, yes I can... (reaches towards Ven) After I take those "earrings" away... You'll be nothing... Ha, ha, ha....

To be continued...


  • This episode is a parody of Korra's dream in the episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, A Voice in the Night, with Ven as Korra and Kalswek as Amon...
  • This is the first 2-part episode to actually be made.