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Velocityraptor is a Nopea Lisko from the planet Snabbodla in The Omni-Knights and Simien 10: Blood Monkey. He has a dark form, Dark Velocityraptor.

General Information
Species Nopea Lisko
Home World Snabbodla
Body Raptor-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Speed

Enhanced Agility

Sharp Claws

Sharp Teeth

Drill Tail

Users Paul Gentragon

Set Ramses

Series The Omni-Knights

Simien 10: Blood Monkey

First Appearance A Knight's Rising Part 1 (TOK)

Stronger (Blood Monkey)


Velocityraptor looks like a light-brown velociraptor. He has black spikes on his back, and on his nose. He has big white claws and a drill at the end of his tail.


  • Super Speed
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Sharp Claws
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Drill Tail


Velocityraptor can't run well on slippery surfaces.

Additionally, he is cold blooded, meaning he won't survive long in the cold.


The Omni-Knights


Simien 10: Blood Monkey



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