Velmenni is a Troconneuse from the planet Kettensage in The Omni-Knights. He is the leader of the Tortor Cult that want to be organic.

General Information


Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Stealing the Prototrix, attacking Earth
Goal: Becoming an organic being
Abilities: Shooting lasers, slicing, shapeshifting one arm
1st appearance: None yet
Arch-enemy: Azmuth, Paul
Henchmen/Leader: Henchmen: Many other Trocconneuse


Velmenni looks like Chainsaw. He has a red eye and a glass over it, and also has a shoulder cannon. For some reason he has two chainsaws as legs instead of one.


Velmenni is the founder of the Tortor cult. He wanted to be an organic life form, and not a living robot, which is why he seeks the Prototrix.


Velmenni and his troops want to become organic lifeforms, and they want to do it through the Prototrix, that should turn them into an alien of their will. Although, it is confirmed Velmenni has a different goal for becoming organic.


  • Shapeshifting his right arm
  • Stretching his right arm
  • Slicing anything with his left arm
  • Slicing anything with his saw leg
  • Shooting laser beams



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