Veggie King

The Veggie King is from the planet Verduras. He first appears in If You Can't Beet 'Em, Join 'Em, so he can destoy humans and take control of plants. Thanks to Ben, he was sent to Plumber jail. But he reappears in Death Devil, where he absorbed the Omnitrix's DNA and became a mutant. He was in the Null Void, but escaped with Dr. Animo and changed his name to DNA Sucker! They were defeated again but he came back with Time King and Hex. His part in the team was to take any of the DNA for the aliens already unlocked on the watch.

Later, he became normal again, and still can control veggies. Now he can make his own. He made a giant hot pepper come to life. But thanks to Ben, he was stopped. He vowed to return. It also seems that he is one of the Omnitrix aliens who escaped from the Omnitrix (and Omimatrix) during the departure to Planet Vulpin.


He can take control of plants. He can also make his own army of evil veggies.


His weakness is just like any plant's: fire and too much water. Ben found out that he weakness is also chocolate.


He is a Flouranal Geocalonal.

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