Veegoe is a villain from A-Nine

Species & Appearance

Veegoe is a an unknown alien from an unknown planet. He has red eyes, a scar on his face, grey skin, long white hair, a horn and half a horn on his head, a mouth covering, has a yellow robotic right arm, black tights, red boots, a black shirt, a yellow belt, red and black upper body armor which is similar to Vegeta's in Dragon Ball Z, two shoulder pads that goes to his armor, a long red glove he wears on his left hand, a sword, a red chestplate that keeps him alive like Iron Man's chestplate, and he wears a black cloak to hide all of his scars.

Allies & Foes

Veegoe is the main villain/antagonist in A-Nine. He is A-Nine's most deadliest enemy, Brendon, Elizabeth, and Talzan are his enemies. His allies are the deadly robots that he created and is probably the assassin Smoke who Veegoe hired to kill A-Nine. Veegoe plans on absorbing the Neomatrix's power to become powerful, rule the entire universe, and kills anyone who gets in his way.


Veegoe is a cold, heartless creature who is not even a little bit caring, is nothing but pure evil, and hates everyone and everything. All Veegoe does is kill, destroy, and would do that to anything he sees, smells, or senses. He would destroy himself and take the entire galaxy with him just to kill someone. He has destroyed eleven planets and didn't even care if there were innocent lives or children on those planets. He is a greater and more terrifying creature than both Vilgax, Aggregor, or anyone else and more powerful. Everyone in the galaxy fears Veegoe even other villains, even A-Nine has nightmares about him.


He has incredible strength, speed, flight, negative energy blasts, telekinesis (only if he has enough strength), can regenerate, has laser eyes, invulnerability, has a laser sword that can cut through almost everything, can create forcefields, can control fire, good stealth, stamina, can turn invisible, a sonic scream, and can absorb people. Which he can absorb other living beings, make himself stronger, and leaving the other person either dead or weak. When he absorbs another being, he doesn't get their powers, but he becomes more powerful.

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