Inhabitants: Eenans
Various Visitors
Nickname(s): Intergalactic Peace Planet
Seasons: Worldwide
Earth Day(s) in a Year: 896 days
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Vee'Na is an interracial planet free of prejudice and persecution. It is home to the same resources as planet Earth, but is twice the size and provides areas as hot as Pyros, and others as cold as Kylmyys or Khoru. Many used to come to this world to give birth in hopes that their child would have plenty of good in them, but after a hybrid boy was born, havoc brought the elimination of the birth of any alien except the locals (the Eenans, the Chapoisals, and two other native species) from 1900 A.D. to 2003 A.D., when the Plumbers and many other aliens demanded birth rights on that world.


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