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Vedmedans are species from the planet Magmest.


It is unsure how Vedmedans look like inside, as most of them are enhanced by a robotic component that looks like a metallic bear without eyes and two water cannons. When they exit it, they are covered by a body of water.


Due to Magmest being a very hot planet orbiting a red giant, Vedmedans developed climate resistance and other abilities to stand the most extreme conditions. Most created robotic suits filled with cold water, to cold down the excessively hot planet and create a vapor atmosphere.

Powers and Abilities

Vedmedans are very adaptive to climate and temperature changes, and can also survive in space and without air.

When enhanced by robotic suits, they become stronger, more durable and more sensitive. Also, their water cannons grant them hydrokinesis and ability to blast cold water.

Vedmedans have sharp teeth and claws.


Vedmedans are vulnerable to electricity-based attacks, as they are filled with water, which conducts electricity.

Notable Vedmedans

  • Water Bear (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vedmedan)


Vedmedan comes from vedmid', which is Ukrainian for bear.


  • Vedmedans, specifically Water Bear, were created to celebrate Aquarius Season, on February 2020.