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Vaxasaurians are one of the species living on Terradino. There is always a war between some creatures on Terradino and Vaxasaurians are regarded to stop those wars. Vaxasaurians have supreme strength, the power to grow to five times their regular size (which enhances their strength even more), and strong enough to survive in space for minutes

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Vaxasaurians have amazing strength.They also have the power to grow up to 60 ft.

Ultimate Form

Evolved Vaxasaurian using hand missiles

In evolution Vaxasurians become more Ankylosaurus-like than Stegosaurus-like,they skin changes to the color green, gains gray horns on his head, arms, chest, and back. Their tail turns into a spiked mace. They become stronger and now bigger to than their normal height. They also gain the ability to transmutate their hands and fingers into missile-like weapons to fire explosive material from their body. Their finger nails are also replaced with claws..


Notable Vaxasaurians

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