Vaxatriceratopsohomo sapiens (Vaxaceratopsian)
General Information
Home World Terra
Body Humanoid Triceratops (Normal)
Humanoid Triceratops with ankylosaur armor and mace tail (Evolved)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enlargement
Superhuman Strength
Enhanced Speed
Sharp Beak
Enhanced Durability
Bio-Gatling Guns (Evolved)

Vaxatriceratopsohomo sapienses are a race of sentient Triceartopses.



Green Triceratopses that are humanoid.


A body structure similar to Ultimate Humungousaur, except witha dark green, humanoid Triceratops.

Powers and Abilities

Vaxaceratopsians - normal and evolved - can enlarge themselves - Normal = 777 feet tall, Evolved = 777777 feet tall. They are also strong enough to hold buildings when large enough, though strong none the less. Evolved Vaxaceratopsians have bio-gatling guns like Evolved Vaxasaurians.


Due to heir big feet, Vaxaceratopsians make loud noises when they walk, especially when they run. Only when they are at their full size can they pick up a Titanotyrannosaurus rex mysteriously.

Notable Vaxaceartopsians

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