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VLGRA-A1 is a villain in Sean 10: A New Generation. It was the first robot made by Vulgaara, and commands all other robot drones.



VLGRA-A1 is a customized version of Vilgax's Giant Drone. It is gray with a red Vilgaxian Logo and black weapons. Unlike the other drones, it is capable of speech. Its customized features include a jetpack, energy shield creator, heat-seeking missles hidden in its fingers, and cannons that come out of its shoulders. Every time it gets dismantled, it always gets fixed along with a new feature, none of which have been seen yet.


VLGRA-A1 is extremely devoted to its master, and is incapable of feeling. It has an average AI, and always follows orders, no matter what the cost. It doesn't care about the lives of others, and is programmed to have a hateful attitude toward anyone besides Vulgaara.


  • VLGRA-A1's name comes from VLGRA being short for Vulgaara, and A1 being the first one that was produced.
  • VLGRA-A1 was programmed to only have average AI because Vulgaara didn't want it to be smart enough to make its own decisions and betray her.
  • VLGRA-A1 usually manages any problems in the galaxy when Vulgaara is doing something more important.