Vincent Vladislav Argost, more commonly referred to as V.V. Argost or simply Argost, is a main antagonist in Inversed Roles Rebooted. He is actually the Yeti of Himalayan legend. He created a mask in his mountain home and went out into the human world. He orginates from the Secert Saturdays

Appearance and History

Argost is a white Yeti who wears a blue and white cape. Rather than fingers, he has claws. His teeth are very sharp, and he dons a face mask to hide his real face among humans. He also has long grey hair. Argost is constantly trying to kill off cryptids, then kill Zak Saturday. However, Zak makes this vey hard for him. He used to run a T.V. show called Weird World, but its only major fanbase was in Japan, leading it to cancellation.

Powers and Abilties

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Flight
  • Cryptid Influencing Ability

Equipment and cryptid "pets"

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